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Introduced by Marvel Comics in 1941, Captain America tells the story a sick young man named Steve Rogers was given and experimental serum. Physically he was enhanced to the peak of human perfection and began to help the US in the war effort. With his red, white and blue costume he looks every bit like America's own personal Superhero. This patriotic creation was the most popular of the comic characters during the war years. After the war he became less and less popular until he was all but gone from the comic scene...only to be revived again in the 1960's and he has held his own ever since.

You can find this costume baby, kid, teen and adult sizes. There are also costume accessories like a Face Tattoo, mask and the Captain America Shield.

Deluxe Adult and Teen Captain America Costume - Captain America Costumes

Deluxe Adult and Teen Capt. America Costume

This costume consists of a body suit with muscled torso and legs, plus the Captain America hood.

Fun Facts About Steve Rogers AKA Captain America

Here's A Little Steve Roger's/Captain America Trivia For You Fans Out There!

  • Steve was born on July 4, 1917
  • He was born in New York City
  • His parents were Irish immigrants
  • Steve tried to enlist but was rejected because he was not fit for duty
  • He took part in Operation Rebirth
  • As a result of Operation Rebirth Steve becomes a perfect physical specimen and takes on the alias of Captain America.
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