Cantagious You've Got A Minute To Win It

by Jillian
(Edison, NJ, USA)

Three Red Soda Cans and 3 White Soda Cans

Three Red Soda Cans and 3 White Soda Cans

Cantagious is a game on the TV game show Minute To Win It. Your party guests will enjoy this 60 second game. Get all the game supplies you need to set up this game. Plan on lots of people playing because we all love a challenge. Get extra supplies so you can have one person go right after one another. Here is what you will need:

A Minute timer
3 Red bracelets
3 White bracelets
3 Empty red soda cans
3 Empty white soda cans

You play this game by first placing a red bracelet on one hand and a white bracelet on the other hand. You will have 3 red empty soda cans and 3 white empty cans. You have one stack in one hand and the other color stack in your other hand. You then change them back and forth until you have switched them from one hand to the other. This game takes balance because you can not drop the cans.

This is a fun party game and you can gain a name for yourself as a game master! You might find some fun game prizes, cans, bracelets or Toys & Novelties here.

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