CandyLand Party Theme Ideas For A Kids Birthday Celebration

CandyLand Party Theme Ideas For A Kids Birthday Celebration

Candy Land Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

February 15th is National Gumdrop Day and Valentine's Day is February 14th so a CandyLand Party Theme is one of the sweetest kids party ideas for this month or any other time of the year. Even though this day is called National Gumdrop Day we don't get a day off from work or school but there is no reason we can't celebrate anyway, is there? One kids party theme is just ideal for a National Gumdrop Day. Take a look at these fun party ideas.

CandyLand Characters Become CandyLand Games

Give each child the name of one of the CandyLand Characters as part of one of the fun CandyLand Games you have planned for the party. Which CandyLand Character Am I? For this game you have to prepare name tags for each child at the party. As they enter the party room put a sticker on the back of each kid. During the party they must guess which of the CandyLand Characters they are. They can ask questions which the other kids can answer with only yes or no answers. This is a fun party game to begin the activities with. Let's find the character names you need to play this game. The Characters from CandyLand are:

  • The Kids
  • The Gingerbread People
  • Mr. Mint
  • Gramma Nutt...she was renamed Gramma Gooey in the 2011edition
  • King Kandy
  • Jolly
  • Plumpy
  • Mamma Ginger Tree
  • Princess Lolly or Lolly
  • Queen Frostine or Princess Frostine
  • Lord Licorice
  • Gloppy the Molasses Monster or Gloppy the Chocolate Monster
Here's another one of the fun CandyLand Games you will find here. Guess How Many GumDrops are in the Jar. Fill a jar with a bag of gumdrops. Let each child guess how many gumdrop candies are in the jar. The one who picks the number closest to the amount of gumdrops wins the jar!

The CandyLand Toss Game is fun and it's easy to make yourself. Get a cardboard box and cut three to five circles in one side. Paint the side of the box and then paint a different color ring around each of the holes. Outline that colored circle in a white colored circle. Inside the white circle write the amount of points that hole is worth and name each of the holes. One can be the Gumdrop, one can be the Lollipop, one can be CandyLand and each is worth a different point value when the kids toss a beanbag or sponge in it. Get colorful sponges or beanbags and let the kids toss the beanbags into the holes.

Next you can have a King Kandy Scavenger Hunt. King Kandy...the King of CandyLand is missing. Have the kids find him by giving them clues that lead to more clues. Each clue will bring them closer to finding the King and the Missing Kandy Treasure that is with him! When the kids find the King and the Kandy treasure let them split up the treasure as a prize! Give out some fun kids party prizes like stickers or lollipops when the kids play one of these fun CandyLand Games.

"Candy Land Personalized Birthday Banner Standard 18"" x 61"""

Candy Land Deluxe Party Pack

CandyLand Castle Cake

Make your own CandyLand Castle Cake. It's very easy to make this cake. You will bake and frost your cake and then decorate it anyway you like using different candies. Necco candies are great for decorating and so are gum drops. Put about 10 or 12 Lollipops very close together to make a Lollipop Forest. Just use lots of fun colored candies to add a special candly look to this cake. You can also top the cake with some ice cream cones that you have put some bright colored frosting on...these will look like turrets on your castle cake! What could be more perfect for a CandyLand cake than a castle?

Make A CandyLand Cake to go with your CandyLand Party Theme.

Here's where to find the Candy Land Cake Recipe and Decorating Ideas to Make A CandyLand Cake.

CandyLand Party Favors

The CandyLand Party Favors I found are boxes you put together and these are the fun items you will get to put into each favor box:

  • Candy Land blowout
  • a Candy Land sticker sheet
  • a pink heart mirror and brush set
  • Candy Land Bounce Ball
  • a mini star wand
These favor boxes are easy to assemble and the Candy Land items are officially licensed Hasbro™ products. The kids will really enjoy getting these fun CandyLand party favors!

Candy Land Party Favor Box

CandyLand Fun Facts

Fun facts about the Candy Land game are very interesting. Did you know the game has 134 squares in the colors red, yellow, blue, green, violet, orange and pink. This game was created by a woman who was recovering from a bout with polio. Her name was Eleanor Abbot and she developed this fun kids game in 1945. Hasbro bought the game in 1949 and now there are computer games, hand held games and even CandyLand puzzles. There are also special versions of the game like Candy Land: Winnie-the-Pooh Edition, Candy Land: Dora the Explorer with Memory Game Tin, Candy Land Castle Game and more. Plus there is also a DVD game version too.

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Find more CandyLand Party Theme supplies and fun activity ideas. These would also make great CandyLand party gifts!

Sandy Candy Activity (Kit for 10)

Sandy Candy Activity (Kit for 10)

This is a fun and unique kids party activity or party favor idea. The Sandy Candy comes with 8 bottles of edible "Sand" that is really candy. Mix and match the colors in each of the 10 plastic tubes you get for the kids to fill. It's a fun time the kids will remember!

CandyLand Games - The Candy Land Castle

Candy Land Castle Game

Candy Land Castle Game

The CandyLand Game comes with a Candy Land Castle, 4 gingerbread kids gameboards, 18 fun-shaped tokens, and instructions. It makes a fun game at a party or a wonderful Candyland party gift idea!

Candy Land T-Shirt (3T)

Candy Land T-Shirt (3T)

Candy Land Giant Wall Decals

Candy Land Giant Wall Decals

Be A CandyLand Character in a Candy Land Costume

Candyland Girl Deluxe Toddler/Child Costume - 2T

Candyland Girl Deluxe Toddler/Child Costume - 2T

Get More Kids Candy Costume Ideas!

Candy Sand Castles

Candy Sand Castles

There's a tasty new way to make sand art--with Pixy Stix! With our candy sand castle kit, guests use Pixy Stix to fill up mini plastic castles with assorted candy colors. Each kit includes 12 mini castle bottles in an assortment of styles, 36 Pixy Stix and 12 mini funnels. The best part is, when craft time is over, you can eat the candy sand! Great for princess theme or beach parties...and of course that fun kids CandyLand party theme!

I hope you enjoyed these fun ideas and supplies I found to help if you are planning a CandyLand party theme for your next kids birthday party ideas. If you need more ideas just contact us using the contact button on the Nav Bar.

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  • Game Box from 1949 Original Candy Land
  • Dora the Explorer Candy Land Game
  • Winnie the Pooh Candy Land Edition
  • Candy Land Tattoos
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  • Candy Land Book
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