Camp Rock Party

Camp Rock Party Ideas are perfect for tweens and teens. With another Camp Rock Movie being released this June, lots of kids are going to want to have a Camp Rock Party!

This fun musical hit for teens, Camp Rock is about a young musician, Mitchie Torres, who wants to go to a music camp. She hopes to be a professional singer but is unable to afford the tuition for the camp. Her mother, a caterer, arranges to be the camp cook, covering Mitchie’s fee. There is romance and dance, music and chaos, with the best people winning out in the end.

Now there is going to be a Camp Rock 2! Most of the original cast, including the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato are returning as Seniors!

Planning Your Camp Rock Party

So how would you go about planning a Camp Rock party? Why not host your own version of Camp Rock with a backyard sleep over, a music competition, a good meal and of course watching the Camp Rock movie. If your weather permits, you can set up tents and sleeping bags, that's your version of camp cabins. A fire pit is a great campfire. Hang strings of clear lights in trees and bushes...they will give your yard a magical look when it gets dark. A guitar shaped pinata adds color, matches the party theme and brings some anticipation for the sweet treats inside.

You can also buy a pull string conversion kit for the guitar pinata. If you don't have a lot of room for "swinging a bat or stick" around, a pull string conversion kit is the answer!

If you are planning to have the party indoors, hang some Camp Rock posters on the walls along with other teen idol posters. There are lots of Camp Rock party supplies you can choose from to decorate your party area. Check out Celebrate Express to find some unique and colorful party decorations and supplies.

Let's Get The Camp Rock Party Games Started!

There are so many fun game ideas you can use with a Camp Rock party theme! Once everyone is there the fun begins. Set up a karaoke machine and use your favorite songs from the Jonas Brothers, High School Musical and of course, the Camp Rock soundtrack to sing along with. If you have a video system with dance games, all the better to add to the fun.

Divvy up the kids into competing bands. Let them each choose a song to perform and have them make up their own dance moves for a competition. Get some plain T-shirts, fabric paints, glue on gemstones and other decorations. Let each band design their own outfit.

Give each group a set amount of time to practice, then gather everyone together and let the competition begin! Try to get a video of each group as they perform to play back later that night for some priceless memories.

Cut out guitars from foam board and let your party guests have a "Guitar Competition". Let them paint the guitars with acrylic paints then decorate with stickers and glitter to use on stage during the competition. Award prizes for the best designed team shirts and the coolest guitar.

Get some fake microphones to add a little more fun to the party. There are other Camp Rock party favors you can find, like:

  • Stickers
  • Bracelets
  • Visors
  • Temporary Tattoos
If you have a digital camera and printer, you could get pictures of each band and print them up as posters for everyone to sign and take home later as mementos. Photos are such wonderful gifts to give your party guests!

Chow Time At Camp

After all that excitement it’s time for some Camp Rock cooking...and that means a barbeque. Check with your teen and your budget when planning food.

Hamburgers and hot dogs are usually a hit but if you want to go all out you can consider making shish kabobs of chicken and veggies. Put some fruit on a skewer too and put some marshmallow dip out. Bowls of chips and dip, assorted salads will finish the delicious meal. Don't forget S’more ingredients for later that night. S'mores are always a must when there's a barbeque.

Camp Rock Movie Time

Once dinner’s over, it’s time for the pinata, then inside to watch the feature presentation, the Camp Rock Movie. Make sure to have some Popcorn ready for movie time! Don't forget to watch the homemade videos afterwards, then back out to the fire pit to roast marshmallows and make S’mores. Have the kids tell stories or talk about their favorite Camp Rock cast members and scenes around the campfire and they will go to bed to dreams of fame and glory!

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