Camoflauge Party Supplies for Kids

Find some fun Camoflauge Party Supplies for kids. This is a popular kids party theme and there are many different supplies you can find to match it. Take a look at some of these ideas:

  • CAMOFLAUGE CAMO Birthday Party Customized Invitations
  • Army Camoflauge Party Kit for 8 guests
  • Camo binoculars
  • Canteen
  • Army Helmets
  • Place Mats
  • Special Forces Stickers

Special Forces Deluxe Party Pack

Special Forces Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

Special Forces Basic Party Pack

There are some plates, cups and accessory packages you can look at. Or you can buy your camoflauge party supplies in separate packages.

Camo Party Favor Ideas

Here are some great party favor ideas for your camoflauge or military party ideas. These items are tools of the trade when you are in the military and the kids will enjoy getting them and playing with them. My kids used to play manhunt with tools like this all the time when they were younger.

Plastic Camo Binoculars (8)

Plastic Canteen Waterbottles (8)

Army Helmets (8)

Special Forces Giant Wall Decals

Giant wall decals are very popular for decorating a party room or a kids bedroom these days. If you are planning a Special Forces or Army theme party you might want to check these Special Forces Giant Wall Decals out. They might just be all the decorations you need.

There is also a special "value" party supplies pack for a total of 16 guests. This might be a bargain for you if you are hosting a party for more than 8 kids...these party packs are usually packed for 8 not 16. Check it out and see if it has everything you need.

Special Forces Giant Wall Decals

Special Forces Value Kit for 16

Army Lunch Napkins (16)

Look over these fun party decoration and supply ideas and decide which ones you need for your kids birthday party. It's fun to shop for party supplies and decorations...why not let your child help you pick out the right stuff!

Camoflauge Party Supplies on Ebay

You can also find lots of party supplies...camo or other themes, on Ebay. Look at the custom party invitations you can get...these are very nice invites! You can look these ideas over and decide which of these supplies are right for your party plans.

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