Amazing Cake Pictures

Look at these Amazing Cake Pictures. I like to design and decorate cakes, but these are way above my skill level. I am sure, with lots of practice, just about anyone can make a beautiful cake...take a look at these pictures and get some inspiration to keep on practicing and learning new decorating skills.

The Card Table and Solitaire Game Cake

This Homemade Cake looks like a card table that has a game of solitaire being played on it.

This picture shows a cake that is a card table. On the card table a game of solitaire is being played. How amazing is this homemade cake picture? I am guessing the top is made out of fondant and the cards might be printed on edible paper. You can buy edible cake frosting images online. If you want some cake design help you can visit the Party Works site. They have plenty of decorating kits and accessories and they come in all different party themes. They should have something that can help you.

PartyWorks Logo
The Party Works sells all kinds of cake decorating accessories including those edible images I was talking about. They have a cake topper that is called the Poker Playing Cards Edible ImageĀ® decoration. It is made of sugar, edible and easy to use. They also have some sugar decorations in the shape of the spade, diamond, hearts and clubs decorations that you find on playing cards. These cake decorating items aren't the same as in the picture, but they will help you to make a great cake for your special occasion.

See More Amazing Cake Pictures-The Computer Cake

There are lots more Amazing Pictures of some fabulous cakes for you to see. Aren't they great? I am in awe of this baker! Here are more cakes to look at:

  • Construction Site Cake

  • Drum Cake
  • Eye Chart Cake
  • Hamburger Cake
  • Interesting Cake
  • Kitchen and Table Cake
  • Machine Cake
  • Man in the Forest Cake
  • Medal Cake
  • Microscope Cake
  • Money Counter Cake
  • Pepsi Cans cake
  • Sneaker Cake
  • Golden Scorpion Cake
  • Sewing Machine Cake
  • Suitcase of Money Cake
  • Teeth Cake
  • Car Tire Cake
  • Toadstool Cake
  • Treasure Chest Cake
  • Trofimoff Cognac Cake

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