Caillou Birthday Party Ideas For Kids - Kids Party With Caillou

Get Fun Caillou Birthday Party Ideas For Kids. Planning a Kids Party With Caillou is Easy and Fun!

Find your way to a fun-filled party of exploring the wonderful world with the inquisitive Caillou This four-year-old is always ready to learn something new and spend some quality time with his parents, grandparents or little sister, Rosie. Make it an unforgettable event with Caillou-inspired party games and activities.

Caillou Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

Caillou Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

Find the ideas and supplies you need right here:
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  • Caillou Games
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  • Books
  • Coloring pages

Caillou Party Activities

Take a look at these ideas for your Caillou Party Activities.

Gardening with Grandma

- supplies needed include mini clay pots, potting soil, plastic spoons (shovels) and marigold seeds

- if needed, make it an indoor activity conducted on a large blanket (picnic style)

- if time permits, children can decorate the pots at the beginning of the party then fill at the end after the decorations have dried

Try these fun party activities with your Caillou birthday party ideas!

How about some free, printable Caillou Coloring Pages!

Kids Party Craft Ideas With Caillou

Try some of these kids party craft ideas with Caillou.

- supplies needed are puffy paint, glitter pens, stickers, glue sticks, jewels and any embellishments desired plus ready-to-decorate picture frames

- a lazy susan makes a great supply area for children seated at a table to easily utilize and create their masterpieces

- take an instant Polaroid picture of each child and place it in their unique frame for a special favor

Try these fun kids crafts with your Caillou birthday party ideas!

Caillou Birthday Cake Ideas

Caillou Birthday Cake Ideas are fun and easy to use. Make your own Caillou cake! You can do it even if you never decorated a cake before. You can use a edible cake image to top your homemade baked and frosted cake. First bake your cake according to the directions. Then put some frosting on your cake...then just take the edible cake image of Caillou and place it right on top of the birthday cake. That is how easy it is...and imagine how thrilled your kids will be at the amazing cake you made!

Caillou Books - Learning About The Library

Get some Caillou books - Learning about the Library

- re-create a trip to the local library by setting up a mini book display for young patrons

- prepare "library cards" in advance for party guests to use during their visit

- books used can be ones already on hand or newly purchased to serve as a gift for guests to take home

- arrange pillows on the floor to engage the little library visitors in a special story time

- after each child has selected a book, allow him/her to check it out with his/her library card

Check out these Caillou books at Amazon!

Caillou: The Phone Call (Clubhouse series)

Caillou: Says No! (Hand-in-Hand series)

Caillou: The School Bus (Clubhouse series)

Caillou: Potty Time (Hand-in-Hand series)

Caillou Games For A Kids Sleepover Party

Caillou Games for your kids birthday party. Get some fun game idea with a Caillou theme.

Packing for a Sleepover at Grandma's House

- roll out a sleeping bag on the floor and place an opened duffel bag at one end

- fill a medium-sized basket with a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, pajamas, socks, blanket, stuffed bear, small book and anything else a preschooler might take on an overnight visit to grandma's house

- form a line at the other end of the sleeping bag where each kid takes a turn tossing an item from the basket into the duffel bag

- party guest landing the most items in the bag wins a small backpack perfect for packing an overnight adventure for him/herself

Caillou Games - Racing Boats With Grandpa

Racing Boats with Grandpa

- host the party at a local park with a small body of water where kids can race little sailboats

- use small plastic boats sold in the sand/water toy section or purchase a kit and allow children to build their own boats before racing

- owner of the fastest boat across the water wins a captain's hat

Caillou Games - Charades With Caillou

Charades with Calliou

- play a kid-version of charades using cards with an animal picture on each

- kids draw a card and act out the animal until someone guesses correctly

- winning guesser keeps the card

- after everyone has a turn, child with most cards wins a set of plastic animal figures

More Caillou Games

Caillou Party Favor Box

Caillou Party Favor Box

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More Caillou Games

These fun kids games are perfect for your Caillou birthday party gift ideas...or use them as a fun party game to play with all your guests.

Caillou DVDs

You might want to get one of these Caillou DVDs to give as a birthday present when you host a kids party using these fun Caillou birthday party ideas!

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