Caddy Stack Try This Funny Golf Game At Your Next Party

by Jillian
(Edison, NJ, USA)

To play Caddy Stack you will need 3 regular gold balls, an open container and a level surface...oh, and a few willing players.

According to the game show Minute To Win It regular golf balls, because of the dimples on them, can be stacked on each other and remain balanced for a few seconds. This challenge requires you to do just that.

Players must place the golf balls in the open container and place the container on a table. Each player must stand next to the table with their hands at their sides until the game begins.

At the sound of Go each player...each going one at a time, must stack three golf balls vertically on top of one another. He or she cannot use anything but their hands to stack the golf balls. The balls must remain in the container until the game clock begins. Each stack of 3 balls must remain standing for a total of three seconds without falling to count as a win.

This game doesn't sound possible, but according to the show, it is...see who wants to give it a try! Watch how it should be done at Caddy Stack.

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Dec 23, 2010
Yes, it is possible
by: Isaak Berg

I'm not sure why you say it has to be three gold golf balls, I am not even sure what you mean by "gold". When I tried this the evening before last, I managed to stack three randomly selected used, somewhat dirty golf balls I pulled from my golf bag in about an hour.

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