By A Thread Another Funny Party Game For Kids and Adults

by Jillian
(Edison, NJ, USA)

Thread Games? By A Thread is another one of those funny party games I found at A Minute To Win It. And each of these games has a minute time limit on each round.

To play By A Thread you need 10 needles in graduating sizes and a piece of thread. You will also need a piece of styrofoam to stick the needles in. The needles should be lined up in graduated heights and the tallest needle should also be the needle with the largest eye. Line the 10 needles up in a line with the eye holes at an angle.

The point of this game is to have each player try to thread all ten needles with one hand and one thread. The players cannot lick the thread before the game begins, but can when his time has started. You then have to thread the needle through all 10 holes. Once the game has started you can lick the thread if needed to get it through the holes. You only have 60 seconds to do this.

You can use less than ten needles to make this game a little bit easier depending on the skill level and age of the contestants. This is one pretty difficult game, but that is also what makes it so much fun.

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