Butterfly Party Ideas

Butterfly Party Ideas to help make your party the best ever! Get some brightly colored party ware and your on your way to creating a festive setting. It's such a wonderful theme to use in the spring and summer. Of course, you can use it anytime of year!

Butterfly Party Birthday Box

Price: 23.99

Butterfly Stickers

Price: 1.29

Butterfly Table Cover

Price: 5.99

Why not make your own party invitations?

This is an easy theme to create beautiful homemade invites for. Just cut some colored paper in the shape of a butterfly. Write your party information...who, what, where, when and RSVP, on the back of your cut out. Decorate the front with some stickers and a touch of glitter.

When can you use Butterfly Party Ideas?

You can use this theme for

  • A Birthday
  • A School Class Party
  • A Summer Get Together
  • Any Time At All

Party Activities can include some free printable coloring pages. Include some in a party bag with a small box of crayons and you've got some party favors! All you have to do is print them off your computer. Get yours here, you can find lots of them at Coloring Pages

Make some Butterfly Cupcakes

If you want to thrill the kids try these cupcakes. They are easy to make and beautiful to look at. There are two different kinds of cupcakes to make on this page, so look them over and decide which ones you'd like to make. Another idea is to frost your cupcakes and let the kids do their own decorating. That's always lots of fun at a party.

Gather some facts about these beautiful winged insects to share with your party guests. They will be amazed to find out the journey of a caterpillar that ends with a lovely butterfly.

How to make Butterfly Cupcakes

Butterfly and Party Craft Ideas

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