Make Butterfly Cupcakes

Butterfly cupcakes are a wonderful and elegant dessert for any party, but they are just perfect if you are using Butterfly Party Ideas! There are so many beautiful species of butterfly to get ideas from including:

  • Monarch
  • Painted Lady
  • Blue Morph
  • Viceroy

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There are two ways I know of to make these special cupcakes. The first is very simple! All you need are some:

  • small pretzels
  • gummy worms (or you can use a different color frosting)
  • string licorice
  • tiny candies to use as eyes

After you frost the cakes use the small pretzels as wings, the jelly worms or frosting as a body, the licorice as antenna and the little candies for the eyes. The pretzels will stand up like wings! Told you it was easy! You can even dip the pretzels in chocolate, I like to use white chocolate, before you stand them up.

The next method is a little more complicated, but it makes a very nice effect. All you have to do is melt some chocolate and make a wing design on a plastic bag or wax paper. Let the chocolate cool and harden. Add it onto your cupcake. Complete the look by adding small pieces of candy as eyes and some thin licorice as antenna. These cupcakes are the perfect little Lepidoptera treat to entertain a room full of youngsters. Choose the perfect specimen you are trying to copy and use frosting the same color as their wings.

These instructions tell you exactly what you must do. You might have to attempt a couple before you get just the "wing look" you want. Here are the directions to make these delicious chocolate wings.

Easy to make Butterfly Cupcakes

After you frost your cakes, draw a line right down the middle. That will be the body. Place your wings into the icing next to the body, apply the face and you're done! Don't they look great!

If your little one likes insects and butterflies you can visit Enchanted Learning to get some fun printables for your party. These free Butterfly printables include

  • a Book to Print
  • Interactive Puzzle
  • Life Cycle Printout
  • Quizzes to Print
  • Butterfly Math/Coloring Activity Printouts

It's great to bring educational printables to use as your party activities. Teach kids that learning can be fun! For more ideas on party activities visit Enchanted Learning.

For some great kids party ideas be sure to check out Butterfly Party Ideas!

What a great party fun these stickers will be! Oriental Trading Company has the best party craft kits for kids. You will also find lots of beads and accessories to make jewelry.

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