Butterfly Craft Ideas For Kids

Butterfly craft ideas are great for kids! Everyone loves butterflies, they are so beautiful and they seem to almost float about the garden and yard. They are so graceful. You can use these butterfly craft ideas as a kids' party activity or for a rainy day arts and crafts project to keep your kids entertained. Any of these craft ideas would be ideal for a party activity. They are inexpensive, easy and kid friendly!

Most of the butterfly craft projects you will find here need only common household materials. They won't cost you much at all, and the craft instructions are free.

Some of the craft ideas you can use to make butterflies are:

  • Straw Puppets
  • Handprint Butterfly
  • Paper Plate Butterfly
  • Origami Butterfly
  • Egg Carton Caterpillar

Well we know what most of the projects listed are about...but do you know what Origami is? Origami is the art of paper folding without cutting or gluing it. Just folding. If you're not familiar with Origami you are going to amazed at some of the intricate designs people can make. And now you and your kids can join this group! You are going to learn how to make some unique, and lovely Origami shapes!

Do you have straws? Paper plates? Do you usually have eggs in your refrigerator?

Most of these are things you already have around the house and if you have to buy them they are pretty inexpensive! You should begin to save your empty egg cartons. You can make some great crafts out of them with your children.

The first kid's craft idea here is for a Straw Puppet in the shape of a Butterfly. You will also find on the same page other ideas for straw puppets including:

  • Dog
  • Rabbit
  • Star
  • Fish
  • Snowman
  • Tooth
  • Apple
Once you see how easy it is to make drinking straw puppets you will be able to design many others.

Once you begin to make these homemade projects with your kids your going to see craft-use potential in almost everything! You are going to start saving lots of weird stuff. Most of it will probably come in handy too.

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