Bunco Party Ideas For A Fun Bunco Night

Bunco Night...Fun Bunco Party Ideas for you and your friends. Once a month, in houses located all over suburban America, you will find millions of women getting together for their regular Bunco nights. Bunco is a dice game that is 100% and requires no skill. Bunco is set up to be purely a social game, one where women can talk, eat, drink, and not have to make any game decisions. The point of the game is to roll certain combinations and to acquire points. Sometimes prizes are given for most buncos, highest points, or lowest points. To play, you set up three tables with dice, score sheets and pencils. You have a Bunco partner as well. That partner changes throughout the night.

The Bunco Rules

There are Official Bunco Rules for Bunco night, but each Bunco group might choose to adapt the rules to fit their needs. There are six rounds of Bunco and the round number is the target for that round's roll. The goal is to obtain the target number by rolling the dice. Players then receive points for doing so. The goal is to obtain 21 points in a round. Players keep track of their own Bunco score sheet as well. There are many variations that you can add in to a regular Bunco game. You can add the traveling aspect where a giant fuzzy dices moves from player to player throughout the game. You can also add weighted scoring into the mix.

Monthly Bunco Night

Once a year, a lady hosts the monthly Bunco night. The host is responsible for different things, depending how each group is set up. Some Bunco groups require the host to provide dinner and drinks as well as snacks throughout the night while others might just provide snacks on the Bunco tables...this is where your Bunco party ideas will come in handy.

If you are hosting a Bunco night, there are a number of things you can do. The first thing to do is sending out invitations or friendly reminders of the upcoming night and ask people to RSVP. In this day and age, everyone is busy and a reminder is a nice thing to receive. It will also allow you to prepare your home for a certain number of people.

Use A Bunco Party Theme

Some Bunco party ideas are that you use a theme to plan your party. A theme is fun for any kind of party, including Bunco! This can allow you to decorate a certain way, make appropriate foods, have women dress up. Make it a theme that is easy for everyone to get into. Examples might be 80's night, a 50's night or a support your favorite charity night.

Bunco Party Ideas For Food

Another thing you will be responsible for in hosting is the food. Some Bunco groups eat dinner when they are there while others simply snack. Whatever the case, the host is responsible for providing it. Plan to have pizza, sandwiches, plan a pot luck where everyone brings a dish...or plan a nice buffet for your bunco guests to enjoy.

The host also provides drinks. Again, depending on your group, the choices may vary. Some groups might use Bunco night as a night to drink alcoholic beverages while others may stick to soda and tea.

Bunco Party Games

Lastly, the host is responsible for buying the gifts for the night. Yeah...game prizes are fun! Usually gifts are given at the end of the night for most Buncos, or highest and lowest scores. Door prizes are also sometimes given. Hosting can turn in to a big job but the outcome is usually worth it. A night of fun with your favorite ladies is always worth the hard work of planning.

There is no right way to run your own Bunco league, just find what works best for your group. The one thing that will always be the same, and that is, whatever Bunco group you attend is fun!

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