Bumble Bee Party Supplies For Sweet Kid Party Ideas

Bumble Bee Party Supplies so your kids party ideas can be sweet as can bee...look how pretty this theme pattern is. There's actually a big buzz about this pattern and the fact that it also comes in a 1st birthday party pack and it can be personalized. You can add your child's picture to the plates, cups, invitations, party favor boxes and more.

Sweet-As-Can-Bee Notepads (8)

Sweet-As-Can-Bee Party Favor Box

Sweet-As-Can-Bee Party Pack Add-On

Keep your party guests buzzing around with some Bee games. Pin the Stinger on the Bee is a take off on that classic party game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey. It's a fun game...young kids love it and it will be like a new game for them when you use a Bee and Stinger!

How about a Bee's favorite game, A Honey Hunt. Bees spend the entire day searching and collecting pollen. Here's "pollen" for kids. Put some treats in bags...yellow ones that you made black stripes around to make them look like a bee...or use pink to match these party plates. Hide the filled bags (or you can use plastic eggs) all around the party room or the backyard and host a Treasure or in this case, a Honey Hunt. Of course everyone gets to keep the goodies they find. Have some extras on hand in case some kids don't find any...you will want to give them something.

Sweet-As-Can-Bee Framed Signature Matte

Sweet-As-Can-Bee Giant Wall Decals

Sweet-As-Can-Bee Hair Terries (2)
These Bumble Bee party supplies are so cute

Face Paint is always a fun party activity. Paint a little bee on each child's face. Just a yellow oval shape with two or three thin black stripes should do it.

The Buzz on a Kids Bumble Bee Party Craft

Bumble Bees Rock!

Yeah! Bees Rock A Bumble Bee party theme makes a craft idea fairly easy. Let each child paint a rock to look like a Bee! Get flat, oval rocks and some yellow and black paint that is safe for kids. Help everyone color their rock yellow...then let them dry for a little while. Then add the black bee stripes. Depending on how old your group is you can add googly craft eyes and some eyelashes with a marker. It's fun to paint rocks!

Yellow and Black paper plates make for a fun kids party craft idea. Make a bee with paper plates. Get some yellow paper plates. Cut out construction paper stripes and eyes. Glue them onto the plates. You can use buttons as eyes...again depending on how old your group is...

More game ideas to use with these Bumble Bee party supplies are:

  • Spelling Bee Bingo
  • A BEE C Match Game
  • Singing Bee CD Board Game
  • Bumble Bee Bowling
  • Bee Premium Playing Cards
  • Tickle Bee Game
You can see each of these fun games for kids at the bottom of this page. To find out more informtion about any of these games just click on the pictures!

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Bumble Bee Party Supplies and Games

Spelling Bee Bingo Game

Spelling Bee Bingo Game

To start a game, every player chooses a special bingo card. (Each card has an illustration depicting the 3- and 4-letter words on it.) Next, place 26 letter tiles face down in the cute bee tray. One child picks up a letter and calls it out. Any player who has that letter on his or her card covers the letter with a chip. Be first to cover all your letters then buzz like crazy! You win! For older players, there's a deck of spelling cards so as players grow, the challenges in Spelling Bee Bingo do, too! Two levels of play. Contains plastic Spelling Bee tray, 26 letter tiles, 12 bingo cards, 25 spelling cards, chips, instructions. For 2 to 6 players. This fun game is perfect to combine with our bumble bee party supplies.

Tickle Bee Game

Tickle Bee Game

A BEE C Match Game

A BEE C Match Game

A BEE C Match Game is a fast-paced letter matching game for all ages. You don't have to know how to spell to play, and you don't have to bee a spelling champ to win. Simply match letter to letter and collect 7 cards to win! For 2 players or 2 teams, ages 5 and up.

Singing Bee CD Board Game

Singing Bee CD Board Game

You don't have to sing it well--you just have to sing it right! This home version of the hit TV series the singing bee includes a music CD of popular tunes to test your knowledge of song lyrics! Can you fill in the correct words when the music stops--or will you blurt out something hilarious? Sing along and travel the board competing to BEE the first player to make it to the stage for the singing showdown! For 2 or more players. Ages 8 and up.

Get all the bumble bee party supplies you need for your Bee theme kids birthday party!

Tickle Bee Game

Tickle Bee Game

The buzz is back! He's the little bee who seems alive, as you tickle him from flower to hive! This classic preschool game from the 50's is simple, nostalgic fun. Using a magnetic pen, kids attempt to tickle the bee around a maze without getting stung. See who can finish the maze with the least amount of stings! Children will make a bee-line for this game over and over! Game includes maze board, one magnetic pen, and one ticklish bee!

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