A Bug Pinata is Perfect For...

It's not everyone who wants a Bug Pinata, but if you do, we've got one for you. In fact, there are two pinatas on this page that will fit into your theme. One is a Ladybug and one is a Ladybug Princess!

If you are having a Spring or Garden party...one of these fun party games would be a special treat for your little party guests...Kids love pinatas!

How do you play? Hang yours from a tree branch and get the kids in a line...blindfold the first child and give him a stick...let him or her try to break the pinata by swinging the stick at it. Make sure all the other kids are well out of the "Swing Zone"! One by one give each of your party guests a swing at it, until one of them breaks the pinata and the goodies you have put inside it come spilling out. The kids will all scramble to gather as many goodies and treats as they can! If you have a video camera, have it ready...this will be something you'll want to catch on video!

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