Bucket Head Is One Of Those Funny Party Games!

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey USA)

BucketHead Funny Party Games

BucketHead Funny Party Games

If you are looking for funny party games, play Buckethead! This is a wonderful kids or teens birthday party game or a game for an adult or a couples party. Planning a family reunion or gathering? This is the party game to play.

To play Buckethead you must mark a foul line about five feet away from a wall. You will also need a hat that doubles as a container...such as a bucket. Ergo the name of the game.

Put the container hat on the players head and put 5 ping pong balls in it. (you can use more or less ping pong balls to make the game easier or more difficult.)

Each player will have just 1 minute (60 seconds) to grab balls from the container, throw them at the wall and catch them in the bucket or container hat. But, you have to bounce each ball on the ground so it hits the wall and then catch it in your hat.

Players are not allowed to touch your bucket at all for any reason. The players must catch 3 balls in the 60 seconds time you are allowed.

This is the perfect game to have a video camera for. Have someone film everyone playing this game and you can have a second game. Have all the players watch the film and rate each player on form, speed and general style later, like the Olympics!

Want to watch the Buckethead game in action? See it at Buckethead.

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