Bridal Shower Planning Tips

The key to Bridal Shower planning success is to be prepared and stay organized.

Sure, it sounds easy...right? Well, it can be. To get prepared and organized begin planning well in advance, choose a Bridal Shower Themes, prioritize your chores, and pick a good time and date!

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Bridal Shower

Plan Ahead

Give yourself enough time for Bridal Shower Planning. Plan to hold the shower about four to six weeks before the wedding is scheduled. This means you'll have to begin planning the bridal shower anywhere from three to six months before the wedding. This will allow you to put together the guest list, find a hall or home in which to hold the shower and the extra time will allow you to have adequate time to gather all of your party supplies, allow out of town guests to make arrangements to attend, and above all not feel fried. Use your family and friends; you will find that they are usually more than willing to help you out, so make sure you include them as well. People close to the bride to be will actually enjoy helping you as much as they can!

Pick a Bridal Shower Theme

Decide on what type of theme you want for the Bridal Shower. This will set the ambiance of the party and may influence where you host the shower, as well as the party menu and decorations. Bridal themes can be as simple as the wedding colors, or as elaborate as Cinderella's Castle! Just make sure that you take your time frame, budget, and the guest of honors’ tastes in mind when you choose the theme.

Here is a unique bridal shower idea from Carol at Celebration Ideas Online. Kentucky Derby Bridal Shower Ideas ...I am sure you will enjoy reading about this creative theme. Get some fun ideas for the bridal shower you are planning! This was a Co-ed bridal shower and the theme, as you can tell, was the Kentucky Derby. From horse invitations to the Derby Hat party favors, a little Derby Horse game and lots of delicious shower food ideas. Be sure to take a look at get some wonderful ideas for you shower.

These Personalized Tux and Gown Favor Boxes are perfect for your wedding shower favors.

Prioritize Your Bridal Shower Planning Steps

Bridal Showers are very memorable events because of the loved ones whom attend, and the activities planned. Including entertaining games is a nice addition to the traditional gift giving and dining at the shower. Bridal Shower Games help everyone to have a good time and keep the shower flowing along on with a light, fun tone. Keeping in mind what is really important at the event will reduce stress; having a good time. Choose games that include everyone at the shower. If it a co-ed shower, make sure that the activities are ones that the men can enjoy as well. People will remember what they did at your shower, not whether or not your carpet was recently shampooed. Decide what you want to have stand out at the party, and don't waste too much time on frivolous particulars.

A Big Part Of Bridal Shower Planning Is Timing

Timing is everything, and it is very important to a successful bridal shower. Holding your event on a Saturday or Sunday is most convenient, so that everyone invited will have a chance to attend. The time of you event can depend on your menu, or vice versa. If you have a morning shower, you can offer breakfast items which are cheaper and easier to purchase for a large party. Brunch works well for small to mid-sized parties, and an elegant evening dinner might work well for a very small shower.

These tips will ensure that your Bridal Shower will be less stressful and more enjoyable for you as well as all of your guests. If you stick to these four basic rules for successful party planning, your next shower will be one to remember.

Here are more Bridal shower planning tips I will show you how to find:
These will come in handy when your dealing with shower invitations
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Get the Most Popular Bridal Shower Printable Games

Ask your married friends about the Bridal Shower Games they played at their showers. Games are a big part of the "fun" at a bridal shower, so be sure to have plenty of different kinds of fun games to play. You will find plenty of different bridal shower games by hitting the links below.

Some Bridal Shower Games Ideas are:

If you need more ideas for bridal shower games there is a link at the bottom of the page to take you to another page with more suggestions!

Bridal shower theme ideas

  • You may want some bridal shower poems or quotes
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Of course you will need some Bridal Shower dessert and some food ideas
  • Bridal shower cake ideas
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This last one is not food but it's a great addition to the cake table!

Last, but not least, your going to need some of these:
  • Creative bridal shower gifts
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  • Unique bridal favors
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Bridal Shower Planning does seem like a lot of work, but it's a lot of fun too. So don't stress out before you've begun. It's a work of love your taking care of for your sister or one of your closest friends. It will be a great party.

You may forget a few last minute details...but that's okay. Anyone who has done some Bridal Shower planning, or any kind of party planning gets nervous. Just try to shake it off. If your following your list of things to do, you will be just fine! Don't stress, organize and you will have things under control. Make sure to start your planning early, book the hall and get the invitations out. Once that is done all that's left is the decorations and the bridal shower games. A few prizes for the games and the bridal shower favors...and you'll be done.

If you give yourself enough time, and write down a list in the order the things must be done, all you have to do is take care of the first thing and cross it off. Then go on to the second and cross it off. Before you know it the Bridal Shower you've been planning will be starting!

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If you feel like your unsure about something, talk to your friends. They will have plenty of ideas to help you out. If you'd like to talk to the party planning staff at Party Ideas Parade, please contact us. We'd love to help you with some of your ideas! If you need "help" with your plans, please feel free to contact our party planning staff for some unique and fun ideas! Your going to throw a great Bridal Shower and everyone is going to have a wonderful, and fun, time!

Combine these Bridal Shower planning tips with some fun ideas of your own and you will plan a special and unique bridal shower for the bride to be.

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