Breakfast Scramble A Funny Party Game

by Jillian

Breakfast Scramble is a simple puzzle game that can be played by kids and adults.

To play Breakfast Scramble you will need the front portion of a cereal box for each player. These cereal box fronts should be cut up into about 20 square pieces each.

Give one to each person so they will have a puzzle of the front of a cereal box cut into 20 squares.

The objective of this funny party game is to complete the puzzle in one minute and it must be put together inside a puzzle zone. Just mark a spot on the table using some duct tape where each puzzle should be put together. If the puzzle is out of the zone it doesn't count. The puzzle pieces should be put into a single stack upside down.

Have each player put their arms at their sides before the game begins. When the timer begins, flip over the pieces and begin to put the puzzle together. If one falls, you must pick it up.

When the 60 seconds is up, the puzzle must be finished and inside the perimeter.

To play the Breakfast Box Scramble you are going to have to plan in advance and ask your friends and neighbors to save you their cereal boxes! This is just one of the funny party games you will find at Party Ideas Parade.

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