Gelatin Jello Brain Mold For Creepy Halloween Party Food Ideas

Find thatGelatin Jello Brain Mold so you can make creepy Halloween party foods to startle and amaze your guests. Everyone is going to wonder how you made that delicious cheese dip look like a human brain. The Jello brain mold doesn't have to be filled with gelatin, you know. You can make some pretty scary looking Halloween snack recipes, dinner recipes...dessert recipes...and fill your party buffet table with some pretty gross looking, delicious tasting Halloween food ideas.

Imagine a little Jello mold being responsible for making your party the best Halloween party ever...who knew?

This realistic looking Brain Mold comes with instructions and some recipes! This Halloween mold is one of the most popular Halloween food molds you can buy.

Brain Gelatin Mold Kit Each

Brain Gelatin Mold Kit Each

Find the gory Halloween recipes you need at Creepy Halloween Recipes.

Brain Recipes For Halloween

Brain Mold Recipes are very easy to find. Use any cream cheese dip, sour cream dip, or cheese dip recipes you already have. You can also use shrimp or crab dip recipes. Anything with a medium to firm texture should hold it's shape when chilled in this mold. And of course there is always pudding and jello. With any dip recipe or jello-pudding recipe you use, I suggest you add less liquid or add more powder to the base recipe. In other words make your dip/jello mix thicker than usual to ensure that it stays in the mold shape.

You cannot make a watery recipe and expect it to stay in the mold shape. Don't can read all about it in the instructions that come with this Jello mold shaped like a brain.

Brain Mold Ice Cube Trays

There are also some Brain Mold Ice Cube Trays you can buy to serve little brain ice cubes in your party drinks. You can make the brain ice cubes different colors so they can be seen easily. These are always a lot of fun at a Halloween party but you can use them any time at all.

People are going to think you are a Halloween party Brainiac when they see these cute ice cubes.

Brain Freeze Ice Cube Tray Each

Brain Freeze Ice Cube Tray Each

Interesting Halloween Mold Ice Cube Trays

I found a few unique ice cube trays that you can use for your Halloween party ideas. I would think you can use these novelty shaped ice cube trays like you use your Jello Mold...add jello to them to make some kind of Jello shots...with or without liquor depending on the age of your party guests. Here are the links that will take you to some online Halloween stores where you can purchase these fun ice cube trays. Just click on any of the's a link.

Here's The Ice Invaders Alien Shaped Halloween Mold

Ice Invaders Ice Cube Tray Each

Here's the Bone Chillers Skeleton Looking Ice Cube Halloween Mold

Bone Chillers Ice Cube Tray Each

The Frozen Smiles are an interesting Halloween Mold idea.

Frozen Smiles Ice Cube Dentures Pkg/4

The Cold Blooded Fang Ice Cube Tray is the perfect Halloween Mold this year with the popularity of the Vampire Costumes

Cold Blooded Fang Ice Cube Tray Each

The Fossiliced Dinosaur Ice Cube Tray are fun ice cube tray designs that makes the perfect Halloween mold for those scaru and the unique Halloween recipes you want to serve your party guests.

Fossiliced Dinosaur Ice Cube Tray Each

Whichever of these fun Halloween molds you choose your guests are sure to get a good laugh from them. They are such a fun touch to add to your Halloween party whether it's a scary or a fun Halloween theme. Get your Halloween mold today.

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