Bottoms Up Is A Funny Party Game

by Jillian

Bottoms Up is one of those funny party games I found on the Minute to Win it game show. It is not as easy as it looks to play this challenging game. It would be perfect at a kids or teenage birthday party, at an adult or couples party or even at a family gathering. Party games really make a get together a lot of fun, and here are some very funny games for you to play.

What do you need to play Bottoms Up? A Yo-Yo and A Belt

Bottoms Up:

In Bottoms Up, each player has one minute to knock a set number of cans off of their pedestals using only a yo-yo belt.

The trick is that the yo-yo hangs from a belt down the player's back like a tail. The game is very simple to set up and play, but can be very difficult to win. You must move your body in ways that will knock the yo-yo into one or more cans at a time. The game is played with anywhere between 4 and 8 cans at a time. If you touch any part of the game with your hands you lose and must start over.

It sounds simple, right? Wrong! This can be an extremely challenging party game and that is what makes it so much fun.

Be sure to keep everyone else away from the player who is swinging the Yo Yo! You don't want anyone injured by it.

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