Bolt Party Ideas

You are going to need some Bolt Party Ideas.

"Hey Mom, Can I have a Bolt Birthday Party?"

With the popularity the latest Disney Movie, Bolt, is having...your kids are going to be asking if they can have a Bolt Birthday Party very soon. Of course you can say, "Yes Honey, You can have a Bolt birthday party!"

If you took your kids to see Bolt the movie you know what it's all about and making plans for a kids party will be easy for you. If you haven't seen the movie, there are lots of web sites to get party ideas from. I know several party suppliers sell Bolt party supplies including paper plates, cups and even birthday banners you can uses to decorate for your child's party.

Bolt is one more in a long line of popular Disney movies, and as with most movies from Disney, it makes a great theme for a kids party.

This brave little white dog has lived his entire life on a movie set...he is the canine star of a TV series and in it he has super powers. The problem is...he doesn't know it's make believe...Bolt believes he has super powers. When he is accidentally shipped to New York, the dog can't understand why his powers are not working. While he is trying to get back to New York and his best friend and tv co-star Penny, Bolt meets Mittens, a stray cat and Rhino, a hamster stuck in a hamster ball! Of course, these three animal misfits help each other and become fast friends.

Bolt Party Supplies

When you use Bolt party ideas as your party theme you are going to need some Bolt party supplies...and Celebrate Express has lots of them. Starting with "Party Pack"...that's cups, plates, napkins and even bolt kids party invitations enough for can save money right from the start. These party packs cost less than buying these supplies individually. Check them out and see which size is best for your party needs. They come in Basic, Deluxe and Ultimate.

Other Bolt party supplies you might like are:

  • Personalized Birthday Banner
  • Party Favor Ideas
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Stickers

  • Bolt Party Game Ideas

    Playing some party games, with Bolt and his friends in mind,is a must when you use Bolt party ideas. Pin the tail on the donkey is a classic favorite kids party game you can change a little to make it fit your party's theme. Pin the tail on Bolt will go over big time with your little party guests! Using some simple party ideas and classic party games (with a little twist), activity suggestions and party supplies to help you out…your kids will think you’re nothing short of a superhero!

    You always need lots of fun game ideas at a kids birthday party and there are so many to use with Bolt as a party theme.

  • Have a Super Bark Contest...see which of your party guests has the Best Bark!

  • Have a Four Legged Race. See who can run like a dog, on all fours, and get to the finish line first.

  • Find Penny! Help Bolt find penny! Hide a penny in a plastic egg. Hide several eggs in your yard or party room and the lucky kid who finds the penny wins a prize.

  • Dog Bone Cookies

    Decorate your own Doggie Bone cookies! Make your usual cookie dough recipe. With a dog bone shaped cookie cutter cut out doggie bone shaped cookies and bake them. Put out some frosting and sprinkles and let each party guest decorate their very own cookies!

    Face Painting Face painting is always lots of fun. Give each of your party guests a doggie nose! Or use the temporary tattoos that you can buy to make designs on everyone.

    Look at these terrific Dog party favor ideas...I love the dog cookies!

    Bolt Cake Topper

    Get a Bolt Birthday Cake Topper
    When you use Bolt party ideas you can save some money on your kids birthday party, you should make your own birthday cake. A bakery cake is so expensive and you can find out the secrets the bakeries use! Get a Cake Topper. Bake and frost your birthday cake just like you always do...then just place your cake topper right on top of the cake...and you are done. You have just made a beautiful cake your child will be thrilled with!

    Bolt party ideas are a popular party theme, but so are these other dog party ideas...Pink Poodle in Paris, The DOG, The Littlest Pet Shop, Farm Yard Animals and Puppies and Dogs! Which ever dog party theme you decide on the dog lover in your house will thank you!

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    Bolt Party Supplies

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