Bobblehead Funny Party Games For Kids and Teens

by Jillian
(Edison, N.J. USA)

Funny Party Games  BobbleHead with a Pedometer

Funny Party Games BobbleHead with a Pedometer

Bobblehead is one of those funny party games you can use for a kids or a teens birthday party. You can also use it for an adult or a couples party game too. It is a very simple game but it is really hilarious and everyone will have fun playing it.

Playing Bobblehead requires a pedometer attached to a headband wrapped around your head.

The objective of the game is to move your head up and down (bobble it) enough times in one minute for the pedometer to count 125 steps.

Before the game begins, make sure the pedometer reads zero. Keep your hands at your side, and when the timer begins, move your head back and forth.

You are not allow to touch it to manipulate the pedometer.

You can re-adjust your headband if you need to do that.

First, stop moving your head. Then, adjust it. Only when your hands are off the headband can you proceed bobbling.

Sounds really simple, right? Well then, give this game a try at your next party. Let's see if it isn't one of the funniest party games your guests have ever played. Let us know if everyone had a great time trying to play this one. Or if you have another funny party game, share it with us!

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