Need Some Blue's Clues Birthday Party Ideas?

Blue's Clues Birthday Party Ideas...Lot's of good ideas to help your party be the best it can be. Kids just love Blue's Clues!

Blue's Clues Birthday Party Supplies

For many young children, "Blue's Clues" is the high point of their day. Why not have a "Blue's Clues" party for your little one!

Any time is the right time to have a "Blue's Clues" Party and we''ve added a list of ideas for you:

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  • Play date Ideas
  • Holiday parties
  • School parties
  • At your "Blue's Clues" party, it will be easy to incorporate your child's favorite blue dog. You can have "Blue's Clues" birthday supplies: plates, cups, balloons, goody bags, and goodies. You can find Blue's party supplies at Birthday in a box

    A stuffed blue dog can be your centerpiece! You can bake and decorate your own Blue's Clues Cake or cupcakes. An easy cake idea is a round cake with 4 cupcakes. What is it? It's Blue's Paw!

    Thinking about entertainment? Hiring a Blue, Magenta, Salt, Paprika, Pepper, and any other "Blue's Clues" characters could be an interesting addition to your party.

    Activities and fun party games are easy to match to your "Blue's Clues" party theme.

    Here are a few suggestions:

  • Printing "Blue's Clues" coloring pages

  • Making a "Blue's Clues" birthday cake
  • Have a balloon fight with appropriately colored balloons
  • Search for clues like in the television show
  • Fill a "Blue's Clues" PiƱata with "Blue's Clues" items
  • A puppet show with "Blue's Clues" characters
  • Pin the Ears on Blue
  • Goodie Bag Ideas:

  • Blue's Coloring Pages and Crayons

  • Blue's Stickers and Tattoos
  • Here is where to get your Blue's Clues free printable coloring pages.
    Free Blues Clues Coloring Pages

    No matter what activities or party games you decide to use, the children in attendance will love this "Blue's Clues" party that you have put so much thought, love, and fun into.

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