Blind Ball Is A Funny Party Game

by Jillian

Blind Ball is a funny party game you can use at a kids or a teen birthday party, at an adult or couples party or a family gathering. Anyone can play. This game is harder than it looks, so don't brush it off right away...Give it a try. (This is now your party can change the rules if you like)

Here is how to play Blind Ball:

Blind ball is a fun and simple puzzle game that gets your brain going. You must try to find at least 2 of the 4 balls while you are blindfolded.

Four balls are placed on round cylinders or small tables in your game area. The person who is up gets blindfolded and spun around two to three times. Then they set off to find the balls.

But there are other rules.

No crawling...a contestant cannot crawl on the ground.

The balls cannot touch the ground, if a ball touches the floor, it doesn't count.

If more than one ball touches the ground, the player is out. You cannot put a ball in or under your clothing.

To win the game a player has to get two of the balls and hold on to them for at least three seconds.

To make the cylinders you need to prop the balls on you can use paper towel roll cardboard. Just duct tape three of them together and they should stand and also be able to hold up a ball. You can paint them different colors to finish them.

Just stand them up in the game play area and prop the balls ontop of them. Then spin the blindfolded player and Blind Ball has begun!

This is just one of the fun party games you can find here at Party Ideas Parade.

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