Bionicle Party Supplies

Does your son or daughter want a BIONICLE BARRAKI birthday party? Get all the BIONICLE party supplies you need right here! You know the perfect party accessory for this party theme are lego toys!

Make your party a quest, just like the one the six BIONICLE BARRAKI heros embark on. The heros are:

  • Tahu, Toa of Fire
  • Gali, Toa of Water
  • Kopaka, Toa of Ice
  • Pohatu, Toa of Stone
  • Onua, Toa of Earth
  • Lewa, Toa of Air
The heroes learn to work together and so should your BIONICLE party guests.


Leave it to LEGO to design these really cool toys. LEGO knows exactly what kids want, they are so much fun to play with! First you need some really cool party supplies...then you will need a quest for your guests to busy themselves with. You can draw a map of your very own Mata Nui. Leave clues along the way that lead to the end result...finding the Kanohi BIONICLE masks.

Make your party guests name tags...they can each be a BIONICLE character. Scavenger hunts are a fun party game and kids really enjoy searching out clues to find the treasure...or in this case, the masks! Another fun game idea kids really enjoy is a candy and treat filled pinata. In this case, it will have to be a BIONICLE Pinata !

A Pinata is a fun game for any party!

Make a Bionicle cake...get out the legos and your party is on it's way!

Take a look at the BIONICLE party favor box...the kids will love it! It's filled with all kinds of BIONICLE goodies for the kids. Imagine how thrilled your young party guests will be when you say "Barraki boxes for everyone!" Each of these kids party favor boxes includes:

  • BIONICLE yo-yo*
  • BIONICLE sticker sheet
  • Pop Rocks ®
  • Assorted-color glow stick
  • Laser spinner
Always read the description on your party favor box before you purchase it. Sometimes the seller will substitute an item that is out of stock. This is an officially licensed LEGO™ product.

When you have these wonderful BIONICLE party supplies and a few fun kids games, your party is sure to be a success!

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