Ben 10 Swampfire Costume For Halloween

Thrill Your Child With A Ben 10 Swampfire Costume For Halloween This Year.

If your child is a fan of Ben 10, the TV show, the games, the coloring pages than this is the costume theme for his...or her...Halloween outfit this year. There are four costumes with this alien theme that I know of. They are:
Ben 10 Swampfire Classic Child Costume - Medium (7-8)

Find Out About Swampfire

The Ben 10 Swampfire character...let's find out about him. Here are some Swampfire facts:

* He was the first alien used by Ben in the Ben 10: Alien Force, episode Ben 10 Returns: Part 1 was Swampfire.

* His Appearance: Swampfire is a plant like alien that has some human features with root like feet and a flame patterned head. The species has a bad rotten smell that gets worse with heat and is more tall than a human of average height.

Ben 10 Alien Force Child Costume - Medium (7-8)

Swampfire's Abilities

* Abilities: Swampfire's abilities and powers include: Chlorokinesis, super strength, regeneration, fire projection, reattaching cut body parts, gas projection, strike absorption and seed bombs that, once he throws them they will grow into plants that he controls. The regenerating abilities, fire blasts, and semi invulnerability have put him in position as a replacement of Stinkfly, Wildvine, Heatblast and Benmummy, putting Swampfire the new number one alien for Ben.

Ben 10 Heat Blast Child Costume - 7-8

Swampfire's Weaknesses

* Weaknesses: Swampfire was frozen when Albedo transformed into Big Chill. Cold is a major weakness for Swampfire. Swampfire is more vulnerable than Heatblast because he can be frozen for a time whereas Heatblast, as his name suggests, is completely invulnerable to cold.

Swampfire can be seen in many of the Ben 10: Alien Force episodes as well as in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. Swampfire is also a very popular children's Halloween costume because of his flaming head and plant leaf like body covering.

Ben 10 Child Costume-7/8

Spider Monkey Halloween Costume

And here is the fourth Ben 10 Halloween costume, Spider Monkey Costume. It's a favorite of kids who like to watch Ben 10.

Ben 10 Spider-Monkey Child Costume - Medium (7-8)

To find some fun party ideas with the Ben 10 theme try our Ben 10 party ideas page or try the Alien Force page.

We hope your Ben 10 fan enjoyed looking at this Ben 10 Swampfire Costume For Halloween.

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