Ben 10 Party Ideas

If you have chosen Ben 10 party ideas (Ben Ten Cartoon adventure character) as your kid's party ideas your going to have lots of fun! OH, and so will the kids!

It will be so easy to bring the Ben 10 experience to your child's party! Let's get to know a little bit about Ben.

Ben is a young boy who finds a alien pod while camping. In this alien pod there is something that looks like a watch called the Omnitrix. Once the Ben Ten watch goes on his wrist, it's there to stay.

The Omnitrix gives Ben the power to transform into 10 different alien lifeforms. Of course, Ben quickly realizes he must fight for good with his new found powers and he is helped by his cousin Gwen and his grandfather, Max. Lots of party decorating ideas come along with Ben 10 party ideas!

Ben 10 Party Invitations

It's easy to find Ben 10 party invitations. Make sure to send them out two to three weeks before your party date. With the busy schedules we all have today you want to make sure to give enough notice. Keep your guest list to a minimum for a kids party, especially for younger children! One rule of thumb is to invite 1 child per year of the birthday boy or girl. That is entirely up to you, there are no rules you have to follow when it's your party!

Ben 10 Party Decoration Ideas

You don't have to worry about finding party decorations and supplies when you've chosen Ben 10 party ideas. You'll find all sorts of Ben 10 party decorations and supplies, he is a popular party theme for kids.

You can also make some decorations of your own for your Ben Ten Party. Get some pictures or stickers of Ben 10 and put them on helium filled latex party balloons. Tie some curling ribbon on the balloons and let them float around the room. Party balloons are a cheap party decoration, but they give you a lot of decorating for the price.
Use black, white and green streamers to decorate. You can also use aliens as a decoration.

Ben 10 Fun Party Games

Ben 10 party ideas include lots of fun party games for your guests!

Ben Ten Aliens Shoot Out

  • Line up 10 paper or plastic party cups and let each child have a turn using the Ben 10 disc shooter to try and knock over as many cups as they can.

Hot Ben 10

  • Get one of the Ben Ten action figures and let the kids toss him around to music. When the music stops the child holding the doll is out. Continue the game until there is only one child left.

Ben 10 Treasure Hunt

  • Hide party toys and pictures around the room, house or yard. Let the kids scout around to find as many as they can.

Party Activities

  • You can give each child a temporary tattoo of Ben 10
  • You can get free printable coloring pictures and give the kids some crayons. Let them color the Ben 10 coloring pictures.

Ben 10 Coloring Pages

Ben 10 Pinata

Pinata's are becoming a regular party activity so why not get a Ben 10 Pinata for your child's party. Fill the pinata with ben 10 toys and goodies, hang the pinata from a tree branch or a clothesline( always check the area where your going to hang the pinata to make sure it's safe for the kids), blindfold each child as they try to break open the pinata and let the goodies hidden inside spill out!

Party Recipe Ideas

Kids party recipes are easy and fun! You can make pizza, chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese or burgers and hot dogs for the kids. They will eat just about anything.

Make Your Own Birthday Cake

You can bake and decorate a Ben 10 cake yourself. Oh, yes you can! I can hear you thinking...I can't decorate a cake. Believe me, if I can do it, You can do it. Just buy some Ben 10 edible or plastic cake toppers. It's a kit you can buy, some are plastic and reusable, others are edible. These cake toppers make it look like a professional did the cake decorating for you! But you can let everyone know you did it yourself!

Ben 10 Favors and Party Thank You Cards

You can get goodie bags and fill them with Ben 10 stickers, temporary tattoos, Always send a party thank you card! Ben 10 does the right thing with his alien powers so make sure you do too!

You can't go wrong with Ben 10 party ideas if your child is a fan of Ben's.

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