Ben 10 Alien Force Party Ideas and Supplies

Ben 10 Alien Force is what's behing your Ben 10 birthday party ideas, and they might be just the answer you've been looking for.

Your son is about to celebrate his 10th birthday, or his 5th, or 8th, and you've been looking for a fun party theme! Ben Tennyson is a cartoon character who can change into alien life forms ever since the day he found the omnitrix. The omnitrix is a watch like device that Ben found and put on, but it cannot come off.

Ben 10 Party Supplies

Decide what your party budget is and then get planning Mom. You can find all different kind of Ben 10 party supplies including favors, birthday cake topper, and even some fun Ben 10 party games.

Ben 10 party invitations can be found at Celebrate Express. This online party supply store has lots of themes including this one. Party invitations with some pictures of the Ben 10 alien force on them say, "Come Party like an Alien". Once the invitations are out, you can begin to buy your party supplies and decorations. How about a party banner? Check out the personalized Alien birthday banner.

Want to get really funky with your party ideas? Try a black light or a fog machine to create an "alien mood" to your party room. Paste some of Ben's Alien characters around the room as decorations. Float some helium filled mylar balloons, with Ben's picture on them, around the room.

Fun Ben 10 Games

Make up some fun Ben 10 games for your party guests to play. How about a treasure hunt game called "Ben 10, Race Against Time". Hide some coloring pages of aliens, or some plastic alien action figures around the party room.

Get a timer and have the kids all begin to hunt for the aliens at the same time. When the timer goes off it's time to count how many each boy has found. The winner is the one who has found the most. Each boy gets to keep what he has found as a game prize.

You can also have a relay race or a bean bag toss using a Ben 10 theme. The relay race can be the old "spoon and egg" race...except you can dye your hard boiled eggs green in honor of Ben. Call it the Alien Egg Race. Use a card board box with a hole cut in it as a bean bag toss target...decorate the box with some Ben 10 Alien coloring pages or some wrapping paper with Ben on it. Ben 10 Alien Wristbands might make a good game prize.

Ben 10 Party Favors

Ben 10 Party Favors are easy to find. You can buy a party favor box filled with party souvenirs that includes:

  • a Ben 10 mask
  • a Ben 10 disc launcher
  • a Ben 10 sticker sheet
  • glow putty
  • a notepad and a box of 4 crayons
*This item is an officially licensed Cartoon Network™ product. Each of your little guests will be thrilled to receive a party favor box filled with these goodies. You can also buy stickers, temporary tattoos, coloring books, disc launchers and party masks separately.

Watch some Ben 10 cartoon episodes in between party games. Get some free printable Ben 10 Alien coloring pages and hand them out to your party guests. Give them some crayons and let them color while you prepare the birthday cake.

Are you a good cake decorator? Try making an Omnitrix cake! You can also find a Ben 10 cake topper kit. It's plastic pieces and all you have to do is place them on top of your homemade, frosted party cake. There are also edible cake toppers available. These edible cake toppers are made of edible paper and you put them on top of your frosted cake, or cupcakes. You can get Ben's picture on it or pictures of his Alien characters.

Now it's time to bring out the cake and blow out the candles...then it's on to opening party gifts. You get to rest and relax after overseeing all the party details and your son gets to play with his birthday presents still pretending he is Ben commanding his Alien Force!

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