Bella Swan of Twilight

Isabella Marie Swan...Bella was born on September 13, 1987. Bella Swan died on September 10, 2006 and became a Vampire.

Her parents,Charlie and Renee Swan, were divorced shortly after she was born. Bella's mother, Renee, remarried Phil Dwyer.

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All About Bella

Bella Swan is the the leading lady in the Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer. Bella's mom and dad have been divorced for years. Her mother, Renee, has remarried and her new husband, Phil Dwyer, is a minor league baseball player who travels with his team. Bella moves from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington to live with her Dad so her Mom and Step-father can travel together. It's the first of many unselfish actions by Bella. Charlie Swan is the chief of police in the small town. He buys Bella a 1953 Red Chevy pick up truck as a welcome home gift. This is the truck that has become so famous as "Bella's Car".

In Forks Bella meets Edward Cullen, a fellow student at Forks High School. Though initially Edward is hostile towards Bella, he saves her from being killed by a car. After that, the two become friendlier despite Edward's warnings to Bella that they shouldn't be friends. Soon Bella figures out that Edward is a Vampire, but she is more attracted to him than afraid of him. That he is a Vampire doesn't change her mind about how she feels and through her words we find out that she is "unconditionally and irrevocably" in love with him. We also learn that Edward and his family are not traditional Vampires. They do not drink human blood, but survive on the blood of animals.

Edward introduces Bella to his family. The Cullen Clan is made up of: Dr. Carlisle Cullen, Esme, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper. All the Cullen's welcome Bella with the exception of his sister, Rosalie.

While the Cullen's and Bella are out one day they meet a trio of nomadic Vampires, James, Victoria and Laurent. James is what is known as a tracker. He tracks his prey and he has chosen Bella as his next meal. He was intrigued by the strong feelings Edward has towards Bella and she becomes the target of his hunt. This chase leads to Bella being seriously injured by James, but in the end it's James who is killed.

There is doubt in Edward's mind about Bella's safety while she is still with him.

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Bella Swan and New Moon

The second book of the Twilight Saga is New Moon. Bella Swan's 18th birthday is approaching as New Moon opens. She is upset because she doesn't want to be older than Edward. and a party at the Cullen's house. Alice Cullen, who has become one of Bella's best friends, loves to give parties. During the evening Bella gets a small paper cut, but it draws blood. Jasper tries to attack Bella but is fended off by the rest of the Cullens. During the fight, Bella falls and gets cut by a glass vase.

Edward, seeing the danger he puts Bella in, breaks up with her. He tells her he doesn't love her and the entire Cullen Clan leaves Forks.

Bella is devastated. Empty book pages tell us the depth of her anguish. When Charlie threatens to send her back to live with her mother she pretends to come out of her depression. One evening, at a movie with her friend Jessica, Bella walks up to some strange men. While doing this, Bella learns that she can "hear" Edward if she is doing something that is dangerous. She so loves hearing him that she keeps doing more foolish things.

Bella finds two old, used and beat up motorcycles. She brings them to Jacob Black and asks him to fix them. She then tells him he can keep one if he teaches her to ride. They become very close and it seems that Jacob helps Bella over her depression, though she only loves him as a friend. Jacob, however, wants more.

Bella travels to Edward's meadow and while she is there meets up with the nomadic Vampire, Laurent. He tries to kill her but a pack of giant wolves chase him down and kill him instead. They do not harm her.

Bella tries cliff diving one day, she has wanted to do it since she saw some of the young Quileute men doing it. She wants to hear Edward, and one day while she is particularly lonely she jumps off the cliff. Alice Cullen can see the future and she knows that Bella has jumped and thinks Bella has committed suicide. What Alice cannot see is Jacob Black saving Bella. Alice cannot "see" when the Quileutes are around.

Alice tells Rosalie what she has seen and heads off to Forks to find Bella. Rosalie, believing that Bella is dead, tells Edward what happened. When Alice finds Bella alive, she sees Edward on his way to Italy to visit the Volturi and ask them to destroy him. Edward wants to die now that he believes Bella is dead.

The Volturi, Bella learns from Alice, is the oldest Vampire clan and they act as the law makers and punish Vampires who break the rules they have set down.

Bella travels to Italy with Alice. They are going to Volterra, Italy in search of Edward, hoping to find him before he can be killed. When Bella finds Edward he cannot believe she is real. He is about to walk into the sun at a crowded festival. If he succeeds, the Volturi will have to destroy him for breaking one of the covenants of Vampire law. They must never let humans know they exist. If Edward goes into the sun, the humans will realize he is not one of them. Bella has arrived just in time to save Edward, but now the Voturi demand to meet her.

Alice and Edward straighten out the problems by swearing they will "turn" Bella into a vampire very soon. She cannot be allowed to live since she knows their secret...Vampires exist.

Back in Forks, Edward tells Bella why he left. He couldn't stand to see her in danger through their relationship. Bella, of course, forgives him. She has never stopped loving him. Edward tells Bella he will change her into a Vampire when she marries him.

Bella Swan and Eclipse

In the third novel of the Twilight Saga, Eclipse, Bella has agreed to marry Edward with one condition on her part. She wants to experience love making while she is human. She believes it won't be the same when she becomes a Vampire. Edward finally agrees to do so, but only after they are married.

Bella becomes the target of Victoria. Victoria is looking for revenge for the death of her partner, James. Victoria attacks and turns many new Vampires, all with the goal of attacking and killing Bella. This plan fails with the help of Jacob Black and Seth Blackwater and the rest of the Quileute Werewolves.

Bella tells her dad, Charlie, that she is engaged to Edward Cullen.

Bella Swan and Breaking Dawn

Bella Swan and Breaking Dawn

The fourth and final novel in the Twilight Saga is Breaking Dawn

What does Bella Swan Look like?

Bella is a pale, brown haired, brown eyed girl. Her description is rather mousey. She is supposed to be an average girl. When Bella is changed and becomes a Vampire she is stunningly beautiful. She is compared to Rosalie, who is the most beautiful of all.

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