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The best part in Twilight!

The best part in Twilight!

Okay. First of all, that trivia was WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY to easy. I answered each of them without even THINKING.

And my favorite charcter is probably any of the Cullens!! It is so hard!! Why do you make me do this?!!!! >:( (LOL)

Second of all, my favorite book was SO Breaking Dawn. I cry, I laugh, and I fell pain. Enough said.

Anyways, I'm going to have a Twilight par-tay in about a month from now. I AM almost as good as Alice in party planning, so it is sure to be a blast. I'm doing everything red and black. My tablecloth black, my big food plates red, my little dessert plates black, my cups red, and my napkins black. My table will be set up like this:

At each place setting, there will be a red big plate, with a black plate on top of it.
I will put a red cup in the top right-hand corner of the setting with the black napkin stuffed in side of it. The centerpice will be simple: lots of apples in a clear glass bowl. And, I'm going to put red and black balloons all over the place! What I'm trying to do is making it Twilight, but not in a junky way (Like, not a million posters scrambled up all over the walls.) I really wanted it to be sophisticated and scream, "Twilight!" at the same time. It's really hard!!

Oh, I almost forgot! The invites! So I'm doing this. It's black paper with the writing in white. And with plastic vamp fangs tied to a ribbon, hole-punched in the corner.

And we're not going to do any Twi-games or anything *sigh* because my BFF has not either seen the movie OR read the book! (I know, I was like, "WHAT?!!!!")So we can't do any trivia or anything that you would need Twi-skillz. AlthougH, I REALLY want to put up pics of the Twi-guys, cuz they are SO SUPER-DUPER H-O-T HOT!!! :P
I really need to go to Hot Topic, though, cuz I haven't been since I read Twilight *gasp!*

So anyways, I want to talk about the books now. I refer to them as "the Holy Biblical Series" cuz it's so awesome and I am just 'bout ADDICTED! (Aren't we all?) The only thing I wish is that I wasn't such a sucker about these guys. Whenever I see them, I start sweating really bad...... bummer......

Okay sorry about the long message! Bye!

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