Beer Tasting Party Ideas for the Beer Lover in You

Like Beer? Have a beer tasting party! If you and your friends and neighbors enjoy beer why not make this the theme of a party today?

Beer lover parties are casual, fun and easy to put together. Beer tasting parties are becoming as sophisticated a gathering as a wine tasting. So if you like beer, go ahead, taste away!

You can also find the answer to that famous question, " What are some good drinking games? Because you can find all the fun drinking games you need at beer drinking party! Make sure you keep an eye on your fellow players at your beer tasting party. Friends don't let friends drive home be sure there's an extra couch or two available.

Get some funny beer drinking game ideas and prizes from Spencer's Gifts or from Things You Never Knew Existed. These two prank and joke online catalog stores have all kinds of funny ideas for a beer drinking party. And that includes games, prizes, t-shirts, posters, glasses and just all round prank type's like an April Fool's joke shop all year round right at your fingertips! Lots of beer drinking party fun.

Beer Pong Fun On An Official 8 ft. Table

Beer Pong games at the World Series of Beer Pong, and at all World Series of Beer Pong Satellite Tournaments are played on 8 ft. Beer Pong tables and they use 16 oz. cups and 40 mm 3-star Beer Pong balls. Take a look at this
You can also find a floating beer pong table or an inflatable pong table there. So many beer games, so little time!

The Official rules of beer pong are pretty simple, or so I hear, since whenever I played we never discussed lots of rules. You get the ball in, you don't drink. You miss, you drink! Someday I will read the official rules...but for now I'll just stick with what I know.

Some other fun beer pong accessories include: the
and the

Hey...You can Be the Brewmeister

Learn about the Joys of Homebrewing...making your very own specialty the comfort of your own home. Look at the Homemade Beer Kit from The Beer Machine! Imagine the look on everyone's face when you tell them the beer you are serving at your beer tasting party is homemade!

We're talking about a party centered around learning about and sampling some of the many different kinds of beer. These parties make great outdoor events and if you have your guests within walking distance of the event, that’s even better.

A beer tasting party is the perfect party idea for the month of October. That's when lots of places celebrate Oktoberfest or Octoberfest! In Munich, Germany the original site of Oktoberfest, it is a 16 day long feast that is visited by over 6 million people.!

Beer Party Invitation Ideas

Create an invitation that looks like a giant beer mug or a bottle of brew. You can even use the look of one of the popular beer labels to create your perfect invitation. You can write in the invites there will be free beer and hot wings.

You will find lots of banners, cutouts and fun decorating ideas at a party shop that include a beer theme.Or here's a few you can make yourself:

  • Make some of your own Beer Poster with colored paper and markers. Make Beer Not War, Beer Happens, Got Beer? are a few popular sayings that can be converted to a Beer Message.
  • Make a Pub Menu of your party food and the kinds of beer you'll be serving. Using some clip art and your computer printer Print them up and give one to each guest when they arrive (could also be a beer party invitation idea!)
  • Purchase some plastic mugs to serve your guests. Use beads with plastic mugs as favors for all partygoers. - Life's a Party! or

What to Serve at Your Beer Tasting Party

Beer, beer and more beer!

Get all different kinds of beers for your guests to sample. You can get shot glasses to serve the beer tastes in, and Pilsner glasses or beer mugs for beer drinkers who prefer to stick with their own favorite brew. You can even make some green beer for your beer loving friends. Sing some Irish Songs and everyone will think A.) They are Irish -- and B.) They are in a Real Pub somewhere!

Purchase a variety of beers for tasting and drinking. Include some of the micro brewed variety. Beers range from dark to light so try to include lots of varieties in your beer menu. You can set your beer counter up ranging from dark to light. How do you choose which beers to serve? How many different kinds of beer should you get? It really doesn't matter! It can be 4 or 20. The larger the party guest list, the larger the variety of beers. Some different beer varieties for you to choose from are:

  • Light Lager
  • Pilsner
  • European Amber Lager
  • Dark Lager
  • Bock
  • Light Hybrid Beer
  • Amber Hybrid Beer
  • English Pale Ale
  • Scottish and Irish Ale
  • American Ale
  • English Brown Ale
  • Porter
  • Stout
  • India Pale Ale
  • German Wheat and Rye Beer
  • Sour Ale
  • Belgian Strong Ale
  • Strong Ale
  • Fruit Beer
  • Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer
  • Smoke-flavored and Wood-aged Beer
  • Specialty Beer
  • Traditional Mead
  • Melomel
  • Other Mead
  • Standard Cider and Perry

What's The Beer Of the Month Club?

The Beer of the Month Club Gift Idea For Yourself or For Your Beer Lover

Here's a great gift idea for the beer lover! It's the Beer of the Month Club. Every month you get beers found all over the country in microbreweries. Enjoy yourself and experiment with new tastes! Get it for one month or for a year...what a perfect party thank-you gift for your beer tasting party host...or for yourself!

Beer Tasting Party Activities

Every party need some fun party games and activities. Here's some beer party ideas for you and your friends to make your beer tasting party the best!

  • Have a beer belly contest
  • Have a Beer Barrel Polka contest if you've got the room
  • Have a tasting contest between guests to determine whose taste buds can really tell the difference in the different brands
  • Have hats or T-shirts with different beer makers’ advertisements and award these as prizes or party favors
  • Have a beer joke contest or a beer quote contest...let everyone know ahead of time!
  • How about a beer list contest? Give everyone a paper and pencil and let them write down all the beer names they know. Give them 2 or so minutes to complete their lists.
  • The biggest winner of the night can get a beer keg hat
  • Hand out tickets with the phone number for AA on it
  • Play the beer bottle ring toss game
  • Darts is a favorite tavern game (remove the danger and use a sticky Velcro dart board game)
  • Beer song Karaoke just get out the old Karaoke machine and get some beer song lyrics
  • There are lots of party beer drinking games (just be on the look out for anyone who has had too much!) . Here are some Beer Pong rules.
  • You can download some beer commercials and play them all night as some background noise for your beer tasting party.

Your friends are going to have a blast with your beer tasting party ideas!

Beer Tasting Party Recipes

Beer Can Chicken Recipe (sometimes called Beer Butt Chicken)

How about a Beer Can Chicken Recipe (sometimes called Beer Butt Chicken) Be careful with this, it's an easy recipe, but you are working with an open beer container.

Open a can of beer and remove 1/3 to 1/2 of the beer. I guess you can drink it if you like!

Prepare your chicken as usual, wash it and remove the innards.

You can apply a rub to the outside of the bird if that's what you usually do. Make your own rub with beer, garlic powder, salt and pepper, or use rosemary and garlic.

Stand the beer can up in a deep roasting pan (make sure the bird won't fall over. You can use aluminum foil as a safe guard) Place the chicken over it, beer can inserted into the chicken

Bake (with the bird and can standing up) for about an hour at 325 degrees. Check your chicken label for chicken cooking times according to the weight of your bird.

You can find other kinds of beer can chicken recipe here. Link for cooking your beer can chicken recipe on the grill.

Beer Cheese Fondue Recipe

Have a cake created that is shaped and decorated to look like a popular can of beer. This would be perfect for your beer tasting party ideas! You can also use an edible cake image with the picture of a beer on it.

Grilling outside with burgers, ribs, chops, or dogs will provide the perfect party food. If your party is inside have sandwiches and salads. Or you can serve buffalo wings and nachos. Lots of party dips and nacho chips will finish off the food menu.

Beer Bread Recipes

If your feeling industrious you can make some beer bread! Here's the easiest recipe I have found:

  • 1 (12 fluid ounce) can or bottle beer
  • 3 cups self-rising flour
  • 3 tablespoons white sugar
  • Mix the dry ingredients and then add the beer, stirring it in as you pour. You can mix with a spoon and then knead it with your hands.
  • Pour the batter into a loaf pan that has been greased.
  • Bake in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for almost an hour...50-60 minutes.
  • Beer bread can be served with butter, cheeses or party dips.

You can make beer bread anytime, you don't have to wait for your beer tasting party to bake this bread.

More Ideas for Decorating at Your Beer Tasting Party
Have the condiments placed in containers that you can find which perfectly resemble bottles of beer or remove a beer label and glue it onto the condiments container!

Provide plenty of snack foods like Beer nuts, potato chips, peanuts, popcorn and pretzels.

More beer bread recipes

Beer Games

I cannot believe all the drinking games I found when I did a little research for this beer party page. I've only played about 5 of them. How many have you played? You can use these drinking game names as a party many have your guests ever heard of and played. Why not use one of these games as a theme for your beer tasting party?

Coin Beer Games

  • 9 Heads
  • Anchor Man
  • Baseball
  • Flip Sip or Strip
  • Hide the Quarter
  • Quarters
  • Social Quarters
  • Speed Quarters
  • Stop the Quarter
  • The Web
Dice Beer Games
  • Beer Dice
  • Boxhead
  • Boring Chase
  • The Ace
  • Football
  • Hot Boy
  • Magic Dice
  • Split the Difference
  • Three Man
Endurance Beer Games
  • Around the Clock
  • Century Club
  • Edward
  • 40 Hands
  • Power Hour
  • Ten Min Waring
  • Luck
  • Shot Roulette
Other Beer Games
  • All Star Hockey
  • Beer Billards
  • Beer Pong
  • Rock Paper Scissors
  • Russian Roulette
  • Spin the Bottle
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Tiger Woods
  • Speed
  • Case Race
  • Drag Race
  • Randon
  • Turbo Cups
Skill Beer Games
  • Battleship
  • Bit the Bag
  • Caps
  • Drunken Darts
  • Flip Cup Killer
  • Matchbox
  • Nail Game
  • You Blink, You Drink
TV/Movie Beer Games
Board Beer Games
  • Alcoholic OutBurst
  • Beer Checkers
  • Drunken Battleship
  • Monopoly Passout
Card Beer Games
  • Ace of Spades
  • Across the Bridge
  • Asshole Monopoly
  • Beat the Dealer
  • Beersnap Black Jack
  • California Kings
  • Circle of Death
  • Connection
  • Cops and Robbers
  • Crazy Eights
  • Drug Dealer
  • Drunk Driver
  • Four Horsemen
  • Go Fish Golf
  • Hi-Lo
  • Hockey
  • Jack Back Full Ahead
  • Kiss the Bride
  • Memory
  • Molson Poker
  • Queens
  • Ring of Fire
  • Seven and a Half
  • Socialize
  • Spoons
  • Square
  • Story Time
  • Throw Down
  • Thumb Man
  • Trap
  • Trashed
  • Unow COnsumo
  • Up and Down
  • The River
  • Waterfall

Beer Pong requires an 8 ft table, balls and cups. You can find all you need at Spenser's lots of beer gag gifts and other untasteful pranks!

Funny Beer Gag Gift Ideas

Are you looking for some great beer party gag gifts (or any party gag gifts for that matter)? If you are you have got to check out The Prank Place! They have lots of beer gag gifts for your beer tasting party!

If you are looking for a beer gag gift, you can find plenty of them here. How about Beer Ants or the Beer Garden?

Beer Garden

Beer party ideas aren't complete without a few "April Fool" type pranks!

They have the funniest, most varied selection of party gag gifts and ideas. Some of the Beer gag gift examples are:

  • Giant Beer Glass - Holds 5 Beers!
  • Beer Helmet has two straw
  • Beer T-Shirts
  • Beer Mug Sunglasses
  • The Cowboy Beer Hat
  • Beer Mug Costume
Get some as gag gifts and prank game prizes. They are so funny and they will go perfectly with your beer party ideas!

You can check out more gag gifts and prank ideas here.

Great Beer Party Gift Ideas for Your Host

Want to bring your host a gift?

Here's a couple Gift Ideas:

  • An unusual 6 pack of Beer...make it a rare or unusual brand of beer, one that you can't get just anywhere. (of course, any gift is sure to be appreciated by your beer party host!)
  • How about a Home Beer Brewing Kit? If this guy or gal is throwing a beer party they must love the brew
  • A set of Beer Glasses.
Here's a few of the different kinds of beer glasses you could choose from:
  • Personalized beer glasses
  • Beer glasses with beer logos
  • Half Yard and stand
  • Pewter Tankards
  • Pilsner
  • Guinness Mug
  • Dimple Mug
  • Gordon Scotch Ale Goblet

These beer tasting party ideas are not mean't to get you fall down drunk! They are tips to help you have a good time while learning about and sampling new beers. Don't let friends drive drunk! Be sure to limit everyone's beer drinking to a responsible level and have room for friends to sleep over if they had a little too much to drink!

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