The Bee Movie Coloring Pages

The Bee Movie Coloring Pages can provide hours of fun for your kids! Use them as a party activity or a party favor.

If you don't know what the Bee Movie is about here is a short introduction.

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Barry, a bee, is a recent college graduate at the hive and is going to begin his new career there at Honex Industries...until he finds out that once he chooses a career he can never change it. He takes a run outside the hive with the Pollen Jockeys. They are the brave and daring bees that go outside the hive to collect the pollen and pollinate the flowers . On his run with the Pollen Jockeys Barry becomes lost and ends up in a car where he frightens the family inside it. Now Barry is frightened. He thinks all humans are totally loony! He wants to return to the hive, but when it starts to rain he flies into an apartment through an open window. Barry becomes trapped inside when the people close the window.

When the man in the apartment tries to kill Barry he is saved by Vanessa. She puts him outside in a flower box. He is intrigued by this kindness and decides to talk to her...even though this is in violation of the # 1 Bee Law...Never Talk To Humans! They become friends. One day in a grocery store Barry discovers honey in jars and he realizes the humans are stealing the bees honey and takes them to court! You have to watch the Bee Movie to see how it all turns out.

Jerry Seinfeld and Renée Zellweger are the voices behind Barry and Vanessa. Matthew Broderick is the voice of Adam Flayman, Barry's best friend in the hive.

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