Beaded Snowman Charm Pin Craft Kit

by Jillian

Kids enjoy these Beaded Snowman Charm Pin Craft Kit packages. You will get enough craft supplies to make 12 Snowman pins. Each of these kids snowman craft kits is packaged individually. Use them as a winter birthday party activity or party favor, at a school classroom party, as a stocking stuffer or make them on family craft night in your own home. You will also be glad you have them when it is so cold and snowy the kids cannot go out and play. Let them make these pins and keep them entertained and happy.

Oriental Trading

Whether you use these as an at home craft project or a party favor and activity, kids are going to enjoy making these holiday beaded snowman charm pins.

On cold afternoons or nights you can surprise your family and make some Snowman Soup...What's snowman soup?

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