Batman Party Ideas For Kids

Get Some Fun Batman Party Ideas For Your Next Kids Birthday Party! Find the Batman party supplies, games, free coloring pages and birthday cake ideas you need to host a kids Batman Bold and Brave party!

Is your child a Batman fan? Then this Batman Brave and Bold party theme is the perfect party idea for you. It's a fun and easy party theme because there are tons of party supplies, party decorations and fun party games that have a Batman theme.

Host a Superhero-sized Party with Batman Brave and Bold

Here are some fun ideas on how to host a Superhero-sized Party with Batman Brave and Bold party ideas and supplies.

Batman Dark Knight Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

Batman Dark Knight Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

For a simple party-pleaser, feature one of the best-loved comic book superheroes of all time with Batman. Wearing a cape and keeping the city of Gotham safe, Batman delivers excitement to all party guests. Good over evil is sure to prevail in this superhero-packed event with the famous caped crusader at the forefront. Include other superheroes like Aquaman, Batgirl, Robin, Flash and Green Lantern to team up with Batman for this mega party event!

Get Some Free Batman Games

Here are lots of fun party game ideas for your Batman party ideas. Batman Brave and Bold is a hot party theme right now so let's go with that particular theme for this party.

Free Batman Games - Batman Style Red Rover

Here is how to play Red Rover: with a Good versus Evil theme...just like Batman.

- play a classic game of Red Rover

- divide teams by superheroes (good) and villains (bad)

- team to capture the most or all of the other team wins

- award winning team with Batman stickers

Batman Brave and Bold Sticker Sheets (4)

Batman Brave and Bold Sticker Sheets (4)

Free Batman Games - Batman Says

Here is one of those fun classic party games that has been given a little bit of a twist...Simon Says becomes Batman Says.

You and the kids know how to play this game. If Batman do it...If Batman doesn't say and the kids do it...they are out!

- the treasured game of Simon Says updated to fit the party theme

- last hero standing becomes Batman and starts a new round

Batman Brave and Bold Tattoos (2)

Batman Brave and Bold Tattoos (2)

Free Batman Games - The Penguin Relay Race

This free Batman party game is fun for kids and it is named after that Batman Archenemy...The Penguin!

Here's how to play the Penguin Relay Race

- instead of a sack race, waddle to the finish line like the evil Penguin

- first team to cross all members is awarded a pack of goldfish crackers since penguins eat fish

These Batman Rings would make a great Batman cupcake decorating idea! Just bake and frost your cupcakes and then top them with these cute rings.

Batman Rings (8)

Batman Rings (8)

Free Batman Games - Save The Citizen

You know what Batman does in Gotham City, don't you? He saves the day...stops crime...he Saves the Citizen!

Here is how you can entertain your party guests. Plan a game of Save the Citizen.

- sound an alarm for Batman while adults stand in the way as obstacles

- hide a citizen (doll or plush figure) for heroes to find

- give clues to help heroes save the citizen from the Joker

- you can also use materials you have around your home as, cones, boxes...

These Batman Foam Bat-a-rangs make a wonderful party game...after all, this page is all about Batman party ideas!

Batman Foam Bat-a-rangs (4)

Batman Foam Bat-a-rangs (4)

Free Batman Games - Superheroes Versus Villians Obstacle Course

Another fun party game to use with your Batman party ideas is Superheroes versus Villains Obstacle Course. Here is how you can play this Batman party game.

- as guests arrive each draws from a black box to determine team for this event

- superheroes are blue team, villains are red team identified by gloves worn

- contestants race along a timed obstacle course collecting stars along the way

- team with most stars wins

Batman Half Mask (8)

Batman Half Mask (8)

Batman Pinata Party Game

Another fun kids party game is the pinata game. There is a pull string Batman pinata that will thrill your party guests. Kids just love playing the pinata game. Fill the pinata with candies and goodies...blindfold kids one at a time when it's their turn to pull a string on the of those strings will break open the pinata and the goodies will spill out. Watch those kids gather up those treats!

- purchase a Batman pull-string pinata for loads of fun

- fill with an assortment of candies, stickers and tattoos

"Batman 19"" Pull-String Pinata"

Free Batman Games - Create Your Own Superhero

One more fun party game for your Batman party ideas is Create-Your-Own-Superhero. Here's how you can play Create Your Own Superhero with the kids at your party.

- provide party-goers with old clothing, stick-on Velcro, ski masks, gloves, tights and peel 'n stick letters

- each superhero must have a name and super power

- capes are recommended

- award prizes for several categories including Most Original, Funniest, Strongest and Cutest

- small torch trophies are a nice prize

- take pictures of each superhero and one shot of the entire group for a special keepsake

Batman Birthday Cakes

Make your own Batman Birthday Cakes or Cupcakes with these easy cake topper kits I found. You can also use the Batman rings that are pictured on this page. When you use a cake topper kit all you have to do is bake and frost a cake...just like usual. Then you just place this Batman cake topper kit on top and you have designed and decorated your birthday cake. It's fun and it's easy...give it a try!

Batman Cake Topper

Batman Cake Topper

Batman Party Decoration Ideas - Get A Batman Party Banner

This Batman Party Banner can be personalized with a picture of the birthday boy or that's a keeper! What child wouldn't love to have this party banner hanging up outside or inside the house. Just click on the picture to find out how you can get one of these personalized Batman banners for your childs birthday. It is a great party decoration to use with your Batman party ideas!

"Cityscape Personalized Photo Banner Standard 18"" x 61"""

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