Batman Costume Ideas For Girls And Boys

Batman Costume Ideas For Girls And Boys. Kids Can Dress Up This Halloween As The Masked Crusader.

Superhero fans all over are looking for that perfect costume, and Batman might just be the character you are searching for. One of the most famous of all the Super characters is Bruce Wayne's alterego, the masked crusader, protector of Gotham City. Bruce is a millionaire playboy who unbeknownst to most people uses his wealth to fight crime. He has a faithful man servant named Alfred Pennyworth and a crime fighting teen side kick named Robin.

Batgirl Child CostumeBatman Dark Knight Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman Child Costume

You can find costumes with this bat theme for boys and girls, men and women, babies and even pets! Plus you can find all Batman's friends and many of his enemies in costume form. What a great group or family costume idea...the heros and the villians of Gotham City:
  • Robin
  • Batgirl
  • The Joker
  • Poison Ivy
  • Cat Woman
  • Harley Quinn

Other Batman Characters include:
  • Bruce Wayne
  • Dick Grayson(Robin)
  • Jim Gordon
  • Barbara Gordon
More Villians From Batman:
  • The Penguin
  • The Riddler
  • Two Face
  • Mr. Freeze
Find your favorite Halloween costume, whether it's one of these Batman ideas or some other fun outfit. You can get all your costumes and costume accessories from Make sure to check the costume clearance center to find out why this is one of my favorite online Halloween costume stores.

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