Batman Cake Pan for your Kids Batman Birthday Party Ideas

You can find a Batman Cake Pan to match your kids Batman birthday party ideas. A Batman party theme is a fun party idea for kids. There are lots of party supplies and fun games you can pick from to make sure your party is the best ever. Make your own Batman cake using your favorite cake recipe. Mix up some of your favorite frosting using food will need some blue for that Bat Costume. This hero is also called The Caped Crusader and The Dark Knight...Batman is a wonderful party theme.

Batman Cake Pans For Your Childs Batman Birthday Party.

Batman Party Supplies

Get some Batman party supplies to match your homemade cake. You can find lots of Batman party accessories including the partyware...plates, cups and some really cool Batman decorations like a party standup, some wall decals, bright and colorful party balloons and more.

Batman Cake pans from Wilton make baking a Batman cake easy as can be.

Batman Party Games and Activities

No kids Batman party is complete with out lots of Batman party games and a couple of fun party's important to keep kids busy at a party. Don't let them get bored or that's trouble! Party Games for a Batman party include:

  • Batman Character Charades
  • Batman Says
  • Mr. Freeze Tag
  • The Bat Egg Relay Race
  • The Riddler's Scavenger Hunt
  • The Batman Challenge Obstacle Race
  • Super Bubble Contest
  • Pin the Batlight on Batman
  • The Super Hula Hoop Toss
  • The Super Yell Contest
  • Bat Bean Bag Toss
  • Batman or Bat Pinata
  • Pass the Bat-a-Rang
There are also some party activities that are standard at most kids parties...and they are standard because they are successful. Kids will enjoy them!
  • Batman Coloring Pages
  • Make A Superhero Cape
  • Make a Bat Cave
Make sure to have some Super game prizes on hand to give out to the kids who play. Try some Batman stickers or Batman temporary tattoos. They are always lots of fun at a kids party!

Batman Characters - Friends and Villians

The Batman Characters are:

  • Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Dick Grayson/The Boy Wonder, Robin
  • Alfred Pennyworth
  • Commissioner Gordon
  • Barbara Gordon
The Batman Villians are:
  • The Joker
  • The Penguin
  • The Riddler
  • Cat Woman
  • Two Face
  • Poison Ivy
  • Mr. Freeze
Batman is really billionaire Bruce Wayne, who as a small child watched his parents as they were murdered. Now all Bruce thinks about is fighting criminals...he created his crime fighting alter ego, Batman, to do just that. His side kick is his ward, Dick Grayson, and Alfred is his butler...Alfred seems to know and see all, and he is a great help to both Batman and Bruce.

Back to the Bat Cake

This Batman Cake Pan is perfect for a kids birthday can use the novelty shaped character pan or you can use other decorating tools to create a Batman birthday cake. Your other choices are:

  • A Batman Cake Topper
  • An Edible Cake Image
  • Sugar Decorations
  • A Cake Pop Top
All these cake decorating ideas are pretty easy to use...just decide which one fits your needs the what is your level of cake decorating expertise? If it's none, like mine was not too long ago, than choose the cake topper, the edible image or find some sugar decorations. If you can handle a frosting bag and decorating tips...then go for it! And send us a picture of your cake which ever way you decide to decorate it...we would love to see your Batman birthday cake!

Find your Batman cake pan on can find new or used cake pans with a Batman logo or symbol on them. Just pick your favorite and buy it!

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More Batman Fun Party Stuff From Ebay

I hope you found the Batman cake pan you needed. If you are looking for something else type in different descriptions in the Ebay search box.

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