You Can Hit a Home Run With Baseball Birthday Party Ideas

Baseball Birthday Party Ideas

Here's a great birthday Party Idea to make a Home Run with your kids. A Baseball party is an easy theme to plan for, and it will be a Big Hit.

How About a Game?

If you want to make your little slugger’s birthday party extra special, there’s no better way than incorporating something else that they love—baseball! There’s many fun ways you can use America’s favorite pastime as the basis for your childs' best birthday ever.

Always popular, baseball birthday party ideas can range from the super simple to the all-out extravagant, but there’s something to fit every family and every budget. But one thing is for certain...THEY ARE ALL FUN!

Here are four of our baseball theme parties favorites:

  • 1. An All Star Birthday

  • 2. Favorite Team
  • 3. Everything Baseball
  • 4. Birthday at the Ballpark

To make these baseball themes and your child’s birthday even more exciting, you’re going to want to pair them with activities that make every guest feel special.

Here are some ways you can win The MVP Award...Most Valuable Parent, with your baseball birthday party ideas:

  • 1. Print a sports award for every child that highlights one of their special talents.

  • 2. Get a cool cake that is airbrushed with your child’s favorite baseball player.
  • 3. Buy or make a baseball piñata and fill it with baseball cards and Bazooka bubblegum.
  • 4. Take all the kids to the ballpark or batting range for a baseball party that goes above and beyond.
  • 5. Schedule the party right after a little league game and take your child’s entire team out for pizza and cake.
  • 6. Get into the spirit of the baseball party yourself by wearing a team jersey or umpire’s uniform and whistle (it’s also handy for controlling excited kids).

You can use one or a combination of any of these ideas plus some of your own to create a baseball birthday party that’s sure to be a home run!

Baseball Party Food

HUMM this could be a tough one. Let's think about it for a minute. Baseball birthday party ideas for food? What kind of food comes to mind when you think Baseball?

Hot Dogs of course!

This is a great party idea for the spring and summer. You can grill the kids hot dogs and hamburgers. Add a pasta salad or potato salad and you've got yourself a bases loaded party menu.

And to finish up the game, I mean, the meal, you can bring all those players home with some italian ice and birthday cake.

(The birthday cake will be decorated with a baseball theme I'm sure.)

Birthday Cake Edible toppers are a great way to make a FABULOUS CAKE YOURSELF!

Baseball Party Invitation

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