Barney The Purple Dinosaur

Barney Birthday Party Ideas

Young kids love Barney the purple dinosaur, so a Barney Birthday Party is a great kids party idea. Barney the purple dinosaur has been a very popular theme for young kids birthday parties since the early 1990's.

Here's where you can find some barney party supplies for your purple dinosaur party!

Barney Party Supplies

Barney the big purple dinosaur is a tyranasaurus rex who, along with his friends BJ and Scooter, can keep your little guys and girls busy and happy. There are lots of Barney games and activities, songs and dances to keep your Barney the dinosaur party moving along at a nice pace. You don't want those little ones to get bored!

Barney Party Ideas

Barney birthday party ideas are great for kids birthday parties, but you can throw a Barney theme into any party idea your having where little children will be present.

  • Kid's Birthday Party

  • 1st Birthday Party
  • Kid's Pool Party
  • Un-birthday Party

Barney Party Invitation Ideas

Make sure every party guest gets a Barney Birthday Party invitation! Won't that thrill your little party goers! You can find Barney invites right here on Party Ideas Parade or you can find them at your local store.

You might even be able to find some free printable invitations online. You also have the choice of emailing your party invitations via a service like, mailing them through the post or hand delivering them.

Decorating Ideas for a Barney Birthday Party

How do you decorate when your party theme is Barney the purple dinosaur? Purple is going to be the color of the day!

  • Pictures of Barney all over! If the party is out doors stick Barney and his friends pictures all over everything!

  • How about Barney the purple dinosaur foot prints. Cut a big car washing sponge in the shape of Barney footprints. Use watercolor paints or purple food coloring in water. Dip the sponge and make big purple footprints all over the yard! You can use these as part of one of the Barney party games!

  • Party Balloons...Latex and Mylar Party Balloons are a cheap and effective party decorating tool for you to use. Get some Mylars with Barney the purple dinosaur on them. Tie the balloons to fences, chairs, anything at all...or if your indoors let the balloons free float around the room. It's a very festive and cheap party decoration idea.

  • Learn How to make your own Balloon Weights to Save a lot of money on your party centerpieces.

  • You can buy Barney birthday supplies. Get birthday plates and cups with Barney on them. The kids will flip when they see them! Or to save money at your Barney party get a few things with Barney's picture on them and just get regular party supplies for the rest of the supplies you need. It will save you some money you could be spending on something else.

  • Barney Party Centerpieces

    If your having a party with a lot of guests you'll most likely want to use some kind of table centerpiece. You can use latex or mylar balloons, or both, as a party centerpiece for an nice look, and an inexpensive cost.

    You can even make your own Balloons weights to help you save even more money.

    How to Make a Party Balloon Weight

    Barney Party Cake Ideas

    Learn how to make a Barney the purple dinosaur cake.

    Bake your own Barney cake! It is really easy to make your own birthday party cake and you can make it look good. Really you can do it. How do I know? I know because I don't have any fancy cake decorating skills to decorate a cake (in fact I can't even a straight line), but I can serve up a good looking Barney birthday cake that I decorated myself.

    I use edible cake toppers or the plastic cake topper sets. The cake toppers range in price, so you can buy the cheaper ones or the more expensive ones, but regardless of how much you spend, your Barney Birthday Cake will look like a professional bakery made it.

    Cool right! Let everyone think you worked so hard on this cake, only you will know the truth!

    Hey, your going to need some Barney candles for that birthday cake!

    Barney Party Game Ideas

    There are lots of good ideas for Barney party games and activities.

    • Get some Barney Music and let those Barney Fans dance the day away!
    • Use Barney's music to play a game of musical chairs.
    • How about a Barney Pinata?
    • Sing-along-with Barney the purple dinosaur will be a big hit at a little kids party. It will be even better if you have a karoake machine!
    • How about coloring some free printable Barney pictures. You can find these free printable coloring pages at IvyJoys. You supply some crayons and the art work can be a party favor the kids get to take home!
    • Barney and Friends Treasure Hunt or Where in the backyard is Barney! Just hide some goody bags with Barney treats in them all around the yard. You can use plastic eggs or bags, or even Barney pictures. Small, but fun, party game prizes can be temporary tattoos or anything Barney related.

    Barney Party Favor Ideas

    Barney party favor ideas are easy to find and great fun for the kids to receive.

    • How about a stuffed Barney Plush toy
    • Barney stickers
    • Barney temporary tattoos
    • Barney coloring pages or books with some crayons

    Free Barney and Baby Bop Coloring Pages

    Barney and Baby Bop Coloring Page

    Free Barney Coloring Pages

    Barney Party Gift Ideas

    If your going to a Barney Bash your going to need some Barney party gift ideas. There are so many of them:

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