Barbie Trivia Questions and Answers

Have some fun with Barbie Trivia questions and answers. You most likely had a Barbie Doll when you were younger and your little girl might have one everyone can play a trivia game with Barbie as the theme!

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If you know some difficult or interesting questions...share them with us...drop us a line using the contact button on the Nav Bar. We love Barbie facts and fun be sure to share yours. It's always fun to get stumped too. We are usually pretty good with knowing our facts about Miss Roberts and her history through the years...but we don't know everything...give us your most difficult questions. Hold off on the answers if you think you can stump us.

Barbie Trivia Questions

Trivia Questions:

  • How old is Barbie
  • Who is Barbie's Boyfriend
  • Who is Barbie's Sister
  • Who is Barbie's Best Friend
  • When did Barbie made her debut at the American International Toy Fair in New York?
  • What is Barbie‚Äôs full name?
  • What toy company made the Barbie dolls originally?
  • What was Barbie's career?
  • How much did a Barbie Fashion Model Doll cost in 1959?
  • How many Barbie dolls are sold per second?

Barbie Trivia Answers

Trivia Answers:

  • Barbie was "born" in 1959 so you do the math
  • Her boyfriend is Ken
  • Midge is her best friend
  • Skipper and Tutti are her sisters
  • March 9, 1959 is the date Barbie was debuted at the Toy Fair
  • Barbie Millicent Roberts is her full name
  • Mattel Toy Company
  • Barbie was a fashion model doll
  • A new Barbie doll cost $3.00 in 1959
  • 3 Barbie dolls are sold somewhere in the world every second

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