Barbie Party Ideas

Barbie Party Ideas for your little Princess! Barbie has been entertaining little girls since the 1950s. She is still going strong today and that's why Barbie party ideas never go out of fashion. She makes such a great girl's party theme.

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Today you can buy all your party supplies with themes including:

  • Barbie Princess
  • Magic of Pegasus
  • Island Princess
You can use Barbie as a theme for any kind of party for little girls including:
  • Birthday Party
  • Girl's Pajama Party
  • Class Birthday Party

Free Barbie Party Invitations

First thing you need for your party is Barbie Party Invitations! Theme Party Invitations will let each girl know right away what kind of party she is invited to, and I am sure every little girl who gets an Invitation with Barbie on it will give a "Jump for Joy"!

Free Barbie Printable Party Invitations

This Barbie Pinata looks like lots of fun and it's the pull string version so you know it is a safe game for kids!

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Decorating Ideas

Since Barbie is a girl's party theme the decorations are usually in pink and or lavender with some white. This theme is a "girls' only party idea" so pinks are perfect for decorations and party supplies.

Latex Party balloons go so far when your party decorating. Make sure your latex balloons have long curled ribbons. Those strings make quite a nice look, and they should be curled because it finishes the look. And they do look good. I like to let the balloons float around the room. It makes for an ever changing look because the balloons move around. That's just me, some people like to tie the balloons so they stay in one place and that looks good too.

You can also make party table centerpieces with latex and mylar balloons. Just take three balloons and stagger them in height. If your using different colored balloons make sure your centerpieces are made out of different colored balloons. (sometimes you start to make these balloon centerpieces and find you've made one all pink or all white instead of white and pink.) Try to use the same color pattern. Make one a short length, one a medium length and one a higher length and tie a knot in the strings near the bottom. Go to Make your own balloon weight to see how to make your own pink balloon weights to hold your balloon centerpieces down. It's very easy to make balloon weights, and it's a cheap party decorating idea. I love to save money! I hate to spend money on easy stuff I can make myself.

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If your using a Princess theme you can cover the Birthday girls' chair in a pink fabric. Keep it in place with a gold or a lavender ribbon. It will make your daughter's chair look just like a throne.

Pink and white streamers can be hung from everywhere or wrapped around banisters. It makes the party room so pretty, and it's not too expensive.

Party Favors

Whatever Barbie Party Ideas and theme you decide on, you will need some party supplies and some favor ideas. Look them over and see if there is a Princess crown. All the little girls at the party will love to receive a crown! It will make them all feel like they are a princess!

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Want more great (and free) Barbie Party Ideas? You can print out free printable princess coloring pictures for the girls to color. You can give them some crayons and let them color as a fun party activity.

You can get temporary tattoos or stickers as a party favor too. There are hundreds of Barbie decoration and favor ideas.

Free Barbie Printable Bookmarks

Barbie Birthday Cake Ideas

Did you know there is a cake pan that helps you to make a Princess birthday cake? It's shaped like the ball gown your favorite Princess wore to the ball!

You use a doll pick with it. That's the head and top of a doll's body attached to a large pick. If you have chosen Barbie Party Ideas for your party make sure you get a pick that looks like Barbie!

You stick the pick into the gown cake to hold the doll body and head in place, so your cake looks just like a Princess in a ball gown. It's not difficult to make and it looks great.

You can also buy plastic "cake toppers" to decorate your sheet or round cake. These are theme related plastic toys or rings that you just put right on top of the frosted cake. They actually look pretty good and they are really easy.

Another cake decorating party idea for your little girl's party is an "edible cake topper". This is a decorated piece of sugar. You can even have your child's picture put on it to personalize the cake. It looks great, is easy to use and it's a lot cheaper than buying a decorated cake from a bakery.

Party Supplies

You can find all your party supplies needs right here at Party Ideas Parade whether it's for Barbie party ideas or Webkinz party ideas!

Remember your manners! Always send out Thank You cards to your party guests!

Free Barbie Coloring Pages

Free Barbie Coloring Pictures

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