Barbie Birthday Party Games For A Girls Theme Party

Barbie Birthday Party Games For A Girls Theme Party. Find Lots Of Fun Party Games!

If you are planning a Barbie theme birthday party you are going to need a couple supplies and decorations, party favors, a birthday cake and some fun party games. A Barbie party is easy to plan and host because this is a very popular girls party theme. All you have to do to find the right party supplies and party favors is click on the link below. The pictures of the party supplies are links to an online party supplies catalog where you can find hundreds of party themes and supplies to match.

Barbie All Dolld Up Party Favor Box

Barbie All Dolld Up Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

Barbie All Dolld Up 19" Pull-String Pinata

The Barbie Party Games

You will need several fun Barbie party games for the kids to play during your daughters birthday party. A party is all about having fun and playing games is fun. Some of these Barbie games will be new to you, some will be older and familiar games but they are all fun. See which of these Barbie birthday party games you would want to, two or all of them?

The Barbie Pass The Shoe Game

Barbie Shoe Game The Barbie Shoe Game is played like Hot Potato. The kids all stand in a circle and pass the shoe as music is played. When the music stops the child who is holding the shoe is out. The games continues until there is only one child left and they are the winner!

You can dress up and decorate the shoe to look like it belongs to Barbie. You can also replace the shoe with a Barbie doll as the passing object. This is one of the older Barbie birthday party games. It is a classic game that kids always enjoy.

The Barbie Treasure Hunt

Barbie Treasure Hunt This Barbie Treasure Hunt is a fun game that the girls will enjoy playing. You can hide lots of items for a treasure hunt. You can hide Barbie clothing, stickers or temporary tattoos. Hide the accessories around the party room or the yard if it is an outdoors party. You can put the items into plastic eggs or zip lock bags...or put them in small boxes and wrap them with Barbie wrapping paper!

One game idea is to have each girl completely dress her doll. She must find all the clothing and accessories to dress her Barbie. Another is to have each girl find an egg of each color, or just have the girls gather as many hidden items as they can. The first girl to dress her doll is the winner or let each girl keep all the prizes she has found. I am sure you can think of a few more fun ways to play this treasure hunt game. Barbie birthday party games and treasure hunts are both activities your party guests will enjoy.

The Barbie Relay Race

The Barbie Relay Race Form two teams and let everyone know this is a Barbie relay race! The start line is the finish line and you will need a mid-point. Get the teams into two lines and have the first child on each team run to the mid-point perform some activity and then return to the start line. Once back at the start line they can tag the next team mate and then it is that child's turn.

Set up a chair for each team at the mid-point. Once there let each child sit on the chair and spell Barbie...including saying capital B. They must say the name, spell it and say it again. Then they can get up, curtsy and run back to their team mate.

Find more Barbie birthday party games on our games page. If you see a game that you think looks fun just give it a little twist and make it a Barbie game. For example the Hot Potato game became Pass Barbie's Shoe or even Pass Barbie!

Pin the Tail on the Donkey can become Pin the Tiara on Princess Barbie. See how easy it is? The girls will get a special treat playing all these fun games at your Barbie theme birthday party!

Barbie Birthday Cake Ideas

Hand out your Barbie birthday party favors, light the candles on your birthday cake and serve everyone a piece of that delicious Barbie cake. Here are some easy ways to Make a Barbie Birthday Cake

Find Free Party Favors - Barbie Printable Coloring Pages Find Some Fun Barbie Party Ideas Here!

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More Fun Barbie Birthday Party Games and Favor Ideas

"Barbie All Doll'd Up 19"" Pull-String Pinata"
Barbie All Doll'd Up Molded Candle Set (4)

Barbie All Doll'd Up Molded Candle Set (4)
SillyBandz - Barbie Shapes

SillyBandz - Barbie Shapes
24 Pack of Barbie shaped SillyBandz. The Barbie Pack includes Barbie Posing, Barbie Running, Poodle, Heart Sunglasses, Convertible, Barbie Profile. Now you understand why these bandz make such a fun party favor idea! They are so cute...

Barbie All Doll'd Up Tattoos (24)

Barbie All Doll'd Up Tattoos (24)

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