Balloon Stomp Would Be A Good Carnival Party Game

by Jillian
(Edison, NJ, USA)

Balloon Stomp Will Make A Fun Carnival Party Game

Balloon Stomp Will Make A Fun Carnival Party Game

To plan a carnival party you need lots of carnival party games and one you can set up easily is Balloon Stomp. All you need to play this funny party game is some balloons, a place to keep them, kids and game prizes. The idea is to allow the kids to pop as many of these balloons as they can. The kid who pops the most balloons wins but it is the kind of game you can give everyone a prize for playing. Try something cheap but fun like temporary tattoos or stickers that match your party theme.

If you have an enclosed area that would be a good place to play balloon stomp. This way the balloons aren't floating all over the yard. You can always build an enclosure for the balloons...a balloon pen. You can nail some two by six boards together to make a square or rectangular area. This frame with keep the balloons in and then the game can begin.

You can decide how the prizes will be awarded. You can count the number of balloons each child has popped and give them a ticket for each balloon. Or you can put small pieces of paper inside each balloon and write on each paper a small prize.

The kids will have a good time with this fun, fun, fun party game and with the prize. You will have a good time watching them all try to stomp and break the balloons.

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