Bakugan Party Supply Catalogs

Bakugan party supply Catalogs where you can find all the party supplies you need to help make your child's Bakugan birthday party a success! Bakugan can mean a card game or a tv series. In Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Dan Kuso, the main character, finds several playing cards on the street one day. Thinking they would be good to play a game among friends, Dan and his best friend, Shun, use them to create a new game called Bakugan.

Dan's friends who form the Bakugan Battle Brawlers are:

  • Runo
  • Marucho
  • Julie
  • Shun
  • Alice
This opens another dimension that leads to Vestroia...the home dimension of the Bakugans, and the Brawlers must fight against the evil Masquerade, Hal-G, and the Bakugan Naga for the fate of Vestroia.

It's a very popular Japanese anime television series and it's also become a popular kids party theme.

Party Supply Catalogs

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