Backyardigans Party Ideas

Backyardigans Party Ideas will allow your Backyardigan friend’s Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha, and Austin to be a part of your next party bash.

Bring a high school student in costume as one of the Backyardigans to host your next birthday party, holiday party, or play date party. There are so many great Backyardigan party ideas and activities to do.

Backyardigans Party Decoration Ideas

Start your Backyardigans party ideas off with some Backyardigans invitations!

Here are some awesome Backyardigan decorations for your Backyardigans party:

  • Hang a Backyardigan Crepe Streamer from the ceilings
  • Hang Backyardigan Wall Decorations
  • Backyardigan Silver Star confetti
  • Backyardigan Happy Birthday Banner
  • Decorate the table with a Backyardigan Centerpiece by simply having big size characters adorn the table or use an already make paper Backyardigan’s centerpiece
  • Don't forget to get some party balloons!

Many Backyardigan decorations can be found at Shindigz where you can . Don’t forget to decorate the table with a Backyardigan table cover, Backyardigan cups, Backyardigan napkins, and Backyardigan plates! Add the party hats and the blowouts.

Backyardigan Party Goodie Bags

Fill your Backyardigan goodie bag or treat box with Backyardigan:

  • Magnetic Photo Frames
  • Backyardigan Slap-on-Wrap
  • Backyardigan Maracas
  • Backyardigans Zipper Pull
  • Assorted Colored Clay
  • Backyardigan Whistles
  • Backyardigan Tattoos
  • A Backyardigan Face Mask
  • A Backyardigans Activity/Coloring Book home with your guests

Party Activity Ideas

Here are some activities to play at your Backyardigan Party:

  • Bring Backyardigan face painting to your party, anyone can be a Backyardigan
  • Put on a Backyardigan Puppet Show
  • Have a Pablo or Uniqua Pinata
  • Backyardigans Coloring Pages

Use Backyardigans coloring pages and let the kids color away. You can also get lots of party activity pages by clicking here Backyardigans Coloring Pages

What's a Backyardigans Party Without Music?

Backyardigans music is a must for your Backyardigans party ideas! The Backyardigans love music, and their songs are a mix of an Afro-beat, disco, the calypso and the bossa nova. These tunes will make for a great game of Freeze Dance and Musical Chairs! You can get Free Backyardigans Music by visiting Some of the songs you will find there are:

  • The Backyardigans Theme Song
  • A Pirate Says Arr
  • Yeti Stomp!
  • Shake Your Body
  • Hold On Tight
  • Aha!
  • Rad Moves
Backyardigans Music

A party isn’t complete without a delicious Backyardigan treat! Try making Backyardigan healthy veggies on a stick with various around the world sauces.

Backyardigans cake decorating ideas

Bake a cake and add some Backyardigan characters or add them to your green cupcakes. Or you can look at these cake toppers...they are edible image cake toppers and there is a Backyardigans one there! Shape the cake as the backyard, frost it and put the topper on!

Backyardigans Edible Image Cake Topper

You can even get Backyardigans costumes for Halloween!

You Backyardigan party will be a sure hit!

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