Babys 1st Birthday Party Ideas

So, you are ready for Babys 1st birthday party ideas. Time sure flies when you are a new Mom, doesn't it? Now you want to celebrate the first year of your little darling with a big party. There are so many party themes you can choose from. Everyone knows this is the enjoyable party, this is going to be fun!

Little Girl First Birthday Party Themes

Here are some of the girls' 1st birthday party themes:

  • Hugs & Stitches

  • Safari Friends
  • Barnyard
  • 1st Birthday Diva
  • Pooh's 1st
  • Fairy Princess 1st
  • Baby Einstein 1st

  • Fairy-Tale Unicorns 1st
  • I Love Puppies 1st
  • Pink Poodle in Paris
  • Lil' Princess 1st Birthday
  • Girl's Lil' Cupcake
  • Mod Monkey
  • Sesame Beginnings
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

  • LadyBugs: Oh So Sweet
  • Bunnies By The Bay

  • Girl's Little 1
  • Love Bug
  • Whimsical Ark
  • E-I-E-I-O
  • Two Peas in a Pod
  • Just Ducky

Little Boy First Birthday Party Themes

Here are some of the boys' 1st birthday party themes:

  • Mod Monkey

  • Sesame Beginnings
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Construction Pals
  • Safari Friends
  • John Deere
  • Barnyard
  • Boy's Lil' Cupcake
  • Lil' Slugger
  • Boy's Little 1
  • Pooh's
  • Baby Einstein
  • Boy's Playtime

  • Lil' Quarterback
  • I Love Puppies
  • Bunnies By The Bay
  • Little Boy

  • Whimsical Ark
  • Birthday Bears
  • E-I-E-I-O

  • Boy's Big One
  • Two Peas in a Pod
  • Lil' Prince
  • Just Ducky

After you have decided upon your babys 1st birthday party theme you can begin to fill out your party invitations with all the party information.
  • Who
  • Why
  • When
  • Where
  • RSVP

Plan on keeping this birthday party on the short side. One year olds need their naps and a long party will interfere with that. You know what that means...cranky babies Plan on an hour to an hour and a half for your first birthday party.

Little children love to get gifts, so be sure to pick out a fun party favor for your toddler party guests. Make it something really simple. You don't want to frustrate your little guests. Remember to get a 1st Birthday Camera so you can take pictures to put in your scrapbook. You can also send a photo of each child home in a thank you note!

These pictures will become some of your most precious keepsakes!

Party games at a one year olds birthday party are fairly simple so you don't have to go crazy searching out lots of party games for them. I know my children always used to play with the boxes some of their toys came in. It's not hard at all to keep a one year old occupied. Freeze Dance (this might not work out...these little kids may not want to stop dancing) or have everyone march around the room to music, little kids love to dance and march to the music.

Make some party cupcakes to serve to these small handed guests. And make sure to have something for the Moms who come with their kids. No one is going to drop off a one year

You can decorate as much or as little as you want for a babys party. After all, these little kids won't even notice the party decorations. They may get excited when they first see them, but then they will see the other kids and will want to go and play.

So don't wear yourself out Mom.

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