A Baby Shower Party Planner

Here is your Baby Shower Party Planner where you can find everything you need to plan a fun baby shower.

Any shower or party begins with a date. So pick yours and then you can get your party supplies and your invitations. Add a guest list to those supplies and you've got a great start to your shower planning.

Nighty Night BaZooples Baby Shower Deluxe Party Pack for 8

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Parenthood Baby Shower Deluxe Party Pack for 8

Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Now let's see what Baby Shower Theme Ideas look promising. There are lots of party supply themes to choose from and it's not easy...because several of them are very cute! And as the baby shower party planner you get to pick out the theme!! Let's see:

How does that selection sound so far? Each of these baby shower party themes comes with decorating accessories to match. Balloons in complimentary colors, streamers that match perfectly, tablecloths and table centerpieces, signs and personalized party banners, cups, plates and napkins plus some even have confetti with the theme design on them...very cute indeed! Plus there are more themes to pick from.

So hopefully you have picked out your party theme and filled out the invitations with a guest list from the mom to be.

Good, you party planning sounds undercontrol. You still have to think about a party menu and a cake...hummm...the baby shower cake. You've got to decide on the design and on the baby shower cake wording. Yes, right down to the wording on the cake...that is all part of the duties of a party planner.

Baby Shower Printable Games

As the baby shower party planner it is up to you fo ting some games, and you can find tons...and I mean tons...of baby shower printable games at BabyShowerGamesAtoZ.com

Buy one printable game

OR buy a bundle of them for 19.95...that is over 75 printable baby shower games for less than 20.00. That's a bargain!

The Baby Shower Cake Wording

Hey, baby shower party planner do you know the gender? The baby shower cake wording can rhyme with boy or girl, or he and she...

"Welcome this Little Boy, with a cuddly blanket and a toy, he is Mary's pride and joy!"

"Can't wait to meet you Little Girl!"

"God Bless this beautiful baby"


"A Little Boy is on the way, Let's help get ready for the big Day!"

...these are all wording ideas for your baby shower and you can find lots more ideas at baby shower cake wording ideas. Go and find the cake verses that are just right for your baby shower cake.

Keep The Volume Low...this song is Girl's just wanna have fun...it's a little loud!

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Baby Shower Favor Ideas

When you are a baby shower party planner you also have to think about party favor ideas and I know a great place to get party favors. Take a look at the huge selection and the great prices you are going to find at My Wedding Favors...where you can get all kinds of party favors...including my favorite, About To Hatch! Just click on a picture to find many wonderful baby shower party favor ideas including photo frames, rocking horse ceramics, baby cookie cutters, sweet as can bee, b is for baby...tough choice...they are all very cute!

Shower Menu and Cake Ideas

You have decided on the date, your party supplies, your baby shower cake wording and even picked out some really cute shower favors. Your job as party planner is just about done. You have to pick out a simple, party menu...it can just be coffee, tea and cake you know. Or it can be dainty tea sandwiches and baby shower cupcakes.

Rocking Horse Cake Pan Baby Buggy Cake Pan Ladybug Cake Pan

For more fun baby shower party planner ideas go to our Baby Shower Party Ideas page.

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