Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Baby Shower Invitation Ideas so you can plan a wonderful baby shower. Picking a theme for a shower is fun but there are so many cute designs and party supply themes to choose from...where do you start?

Nighty Night BaZooples Invitations (8)

Tiny Blessing Pink Invitations (8)

Tiny Blessing Blue Invitations (8)

It's really easy to plan a baby shower...don't think it's really isn't. Take a look at some of the wonderful theme patterns you get to pick from and choose your favorite. Wasn't that easy? Each baby shower pattern will usually have matching accessories...banners, plates, cups, decorations, party other words, everything you will need. So take a look, take your time and enjoy looking at all these sweet patterns. You are sure to find the perfect one for the shower you are planning.

A New Little Prince Baby Shower Deluxe Party Pack for 8

Tiny Bundle Baby Shower Deluxe Party Pack for 18

Baby Seuss Baby Shower Deluxe Party Pack for 16

The patterns pictured are not the only choices you have. Just click on one of those pictures and go into an online party supplies catalog where you will see other baby shower themes:
  • Blessed Baby Boy
  • Sweet Blessing Baptism in Pink or Blue
  • A New Little Princess
  • A New Little Prince
  • Sweet As Can Bee
  • Stroller Fun
  • King of the Jungle
  • Queen of the Jungle
  • Nighty Nite BaZooples
  • Baby Pooh
  • Mod Monkey in Pink
  • Mod Monkey
  • Lady Bug

How about some cute baby shower favors. These sweet pink and blue rocking horses are adorable...and they will hold a candle too. You can also make your own baby shower favor...look at the small jars. How about a unique idea like a cupcake in a jar. That will be a party favor that your guests will be talking about! It's a new idea, it's not expensive and it isn't that hard to make. Think about making those or come up with another fun and unique idea on your own. It's always fun to be the "first" one to use a brilliant favor idea!

Mini Glass Favor Jars (12)

Blue Rocking Horse Candle Holder

Pink Rocking Horse Candle Holder

Here are some fun decorating accessories in baby shower patterns. You can sprinkle these cute pieces of confetti on tables or put them into your shower invitations to surprise your guests. Aren't they cute? Are you getting any baby shower invitation ideas from them? The invitations come in all of these patterns.

Felt Lady Bugs Confetti

Felt Rubber Ducky Confetti

Its a Boy Pacifiers Confetti

I tried to get a variety of baby shower themes and supply patterns on this page...and they all have matching invitations so you can start thinking about baby shower invitation ideas right from first glance. Now that you see how cute some of the patterns are click on the pictures and go to the main online party supplies catalog to find loads of these sweet baby shower party supplies and invitation ideas!

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