Baby Shower Giraffe Theme

Baby Shower Giraffe Theme Baby Jungle Animal Shower Themes Are Very Popular. One of the cutest animal themes is the Giraffe...take a look at the fun ideas you can get.

Giraffe Baby Shower Deluxe Party Pack for 16

Giraffe Baby Shower Deluxe Party Pack for 16

This shower party package comes with enough party supplies...all decorated with a Giraffe...for up to 16 people. There is also a smaller sized pack that contains enough for 8 people. In this large party kit you will find:
  • 16 invitations and thank-you notes
  • dinner plates
  • dessert plates
  • cups
  • forks
  • spoons
  • knives
  • 32 napkins
  • tablecover
  • Giraffe centerpiece
  • foil balloon
  • 18 latex balloons in 3 different colors
  • curling ribbon in 3 different colors
  • crepe paper rolls in 3 different colors
  • confetti

If you bought these party supplies separately it would cost a little over this pack can save you money...that's always nice! The basic party pack comes with about half these items.

Baby Shower Games

There are some really fun ideas that go along with a baby shower theme and I found several of them with these Giraffe party supplies. Here are some fun baby shower games and a few funny gifts ideas for Mom and Grandma To Be.

The Mom To Be Satin's a cute idea for the Mom to Be.

The Grandma To Be Satin Sash for Grandma!

New Mommy Advice Cards (24) are always a big help.

Baby Shower Message Camera will add comments to your shower photos.

Baby Shower Scratch & Win Game is just one of many fun games for a baby shower.

Diaper Game...lots of fun and laughs.

You can find some cute baby shower party favor ideas too...

Heaven Scent Candle

Ceramic Train Candle Holder

Cute as a Button Soap

"3"" Polka Dot Photo Frame"

Here''s a cute shower gift idea with a's a bottle holder!

Bottle Buddies - Giraffe

Bottle Buddies - Giraffe

Baby animal shower themes are very popular this year because they are so cute...and you won't find a theme that's much cuter than this little Baby Shower Giraffe theme!

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