Baby Shower Favor Ideas - DIY Baby Shower Favors

Baby Shower Favor Ideas For Every Shower Theme! Buy Your Favors Or Get Some Ideas For DIY Baby Shower Favors!
What's your shower theme? Do you have your supplies yet? Well then just match your favors to the supply theme you have chosen. It's so much fun to pick out baby shower favors and here are some really cute ideas!

Candy Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Candy Baby Shower Favor Ideas are always a welcomed gift for your shower guests. You can choose from chocolate to mints, personalized or not, homemade or store bought...there are many different kinds of candy favors to look at.

Personalized Baby Shower Hershey's Miniatures

Personalized Baby Shower Hershey's Miniatures

Cute wrapped candy bars are usally eaten at the shower! People enjoy edible gift ideas. Then there are these personalized shower mints...put some cute sayings on them, put names on them or the date...make them special so you can use them as baby shower favors people will remember.

Custom Printed Bulk Baby Shower Mints

Custom Printed Bulk Baby Shower Mints

You can find both of these candy baby shower favor ideas in blue or pink or in a combination mix made up of both colors!

Cookie Cutter Favor Ideas

While we are talking about edible baby shower favors I should show you these very cute cookie cutters. These are cute as can be and it's a shower favor that people can use the next time they are baking cookies. I like favors that can be useful!

Cookie Cutter Baby Shower Favors

Cookie Cutter Baby Shower Favors

DIY Baby Shower Favors

Plant A Tree favors are pretty easy to make yourself so if you are looking for DIY Baby Shower Favors you may want to give something with seeds. Something that grows is quite a sentimental and lovely shower favor idea. Plant your seeds in a small clay pot. Wrap it in tulle and ribbon making sure to keep the tulle firm so the dirt and seeds don't fall out. You can use flowers, tree or plant seeds.

Make Your Own Candy Favors is another DIY favor idea that is pretty easy to make yourself. Go to your local cake or candy making store, get some molds and melting chocolates, wraps and ribbons and make lots of baby theme candies.

Organza bags filled with potpourri is an easy shower favor you can make yourself...and they always smell so good!

DIY Baby Shower Favor Boxes

Look at this DIY baby shower favor boxes...these baby block gift boxes are just one of the very sweet favor containers you can find. Just click on the picture to see more or find out more info on these sweet shower favor holders or on these:

Plastic Baby Block Favor Boxes

Plastic Baby Block Favor Boxes

Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Here are some cute and popular baby shower theme ideas for you to take a look at!

Butterfly Baby Shower Supplies

Giraffe Theme

Jungle Safari Baby Shower Supplies

Monkey Shower

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