Baby Shower Cake Idea

Want to thrill your baby shower guests? Then you need a good Baby Shower Cake Idea.

Do you need a baby shower party cake idea?

There are two different kinds of baby shower party cakes. Edible and Inedible.

An Inedible Baby Shower Cake Idea?

Yes they even have inedible baby shower cakes. It's a diaper cake, and it makes a great gift idea. The presentation is wonderful. It looks like a real cake! It's really an amazing work of art, all made of diapers and sometimes there are extra toys, stuffed animals and lotions decorating it.

If you have any kids you know, new parents will always need more diapers!

The Diaper Baby Shower Cake Idea

It's easy to make a diaper cake as a baby shower centerpiece or a unique baby shower gift.

Get a circular base, you can cut a piece of cardboard for this.
Roll the diapers an place them on the base side by side. Keep doing this until they cover the base completely. You can make a second layer to your diaper cake by rolling more diapers and placing them on top of the first layer.

You can decorate your diaper cake by tying each layer with some ribbon, or wrapping each layer in a baby blanket. You can add further decorations by tying baby toys like pacifiers, rattles, teething rings and any other baby supplies you can find. Tie them with ribbon and make it look as festive as you can.

Wait til you hear all the compliments you get when everyone sees it. Diaper baby shower party cakes are always a big hit.

Now for the Real Baby Shower Party Cake

Well, like any other special occasion cake, you can get a baby shower cake in many different shapes, sizes and designs. You can order a baby shower cake from a bakery or you can make it yourself. You can even make baby shower cupcakes as a special dessert.

These cakes are meant to be admired and photographed by the baby shower guests and then, of course, they are meant to be eaten.
You can use a traditional cake recipe and you can find all different kinds of decorating help. You will find, once you begin to look, that there are cake toppers you can buy, both edible and inedible, that will make your homemade cake look like it was done by a professional. It doesn't take a lot of decorating know how, even I can do it!

baby shower cake idea

Baby Block Baby Shower Cake Ideas

It's easy to make a baby block baby shower cake using loaf pans.

Bake your cake in two loaf pans.
Cut each loaf into 2 cubes. You will then have 4 baby blocks.

Use pink, blue or some other pastel frosting to frost your blocks.
Using either a tube of food decorating frosting that you can buy in a food store, or a professional decorating tip and pipe all along the edges of each cube. Use that same color frosting to write some letters, just like a real baby block.

You can, before you decorate them, stack the blocks in whatever design you want. Stack three on the bottom and one on the top so it looks like someone was playing with them!

You can also just place them next to each other and write the letters BABY on them.

A Baby Shower Cake Idea The " Baby Bootie Shaped" Cake

To make your shower cake look like a baby bootie you will start with a round cake. Pink or blue frosting is traditionally used to decorate a bootie cake. Frost your cake, but save any writing until you've made the booties.

Using Marshmellows make two little booties on top of the cake. Put two marshmellows end to end, and take a half of a marshmellow and put it on the top of the second marshmellow.

The first two marshmellows make the bootie and the half marshmellow will make the bootie ankle. Use your frosting to decorate the booties and make laces from white frosting.

If you know any decorating tricks, now is the time to use them. Complete the decorating and finish the cake by writing any messages on the cake.

Do You Need Baby Shower Favors?

Here are some really cute baby shower favors and they are priced reasonably. You are sure to find the perfect favor for your baby shower. (The Shops at 24Seven)

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